The Social Media Way of Life for
B2B Experts and Content Marketers

Content Marketing Whitepaper

Content marketing is an essential way we do business within Web 2.0. Replacing spam, a bombardment of advertisement and self-promotion, is useful and high quality content. Companies that embrace a content marketing strategy focus on how to present their existing knowledge in a way that both captivates and helps their target group grow professionally.

In this white paper, we hope to provide you with the essentials to understand the foundation of content marketing and what it means to create strong content. Here, you will find examples of stellar content, tips for content creation, and where to utilize your best stuff.

Key elements include:

  • Differentiating B2B and B2C content marketing
  • Establishing expertise
  • Stellar content examples
  • Tips for creating high-quality text
  • Where to publish/push content
  • B2B Rockstars (people who get it right)
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