Technology & InternetWhy Server Downtime is the biggest Online Marketing Nightmare

The term “server downtime” is defined as a span of time wherein your server is inaccessible. Server outages or downtime takes place when a system is not able to carry out even the basic functions. You may experience downtime because of a planned event such as routine maintenance or a system upgrade. Besides, downtime may also be a result of unplanned issues like system crashes or server overloads. Read further to know more on server downtime.


Understanding server downtime

Unplanned downtime is referred to as the downtime that takes place because of hardware failure or system failure. You may not be always aware of the unplanned downtime. On the contrary, planned downtime takes place when the administrator closes the system at a defined time. As the planned downtime is defined from before, you can plan for the same to take place when productivity will be least affected. For eradicating or lowering planned downtime, you can go in for server clustering. This option helps you with consistent messaging availability for your business even when your server is experiencing downtime issues.

Root cause of server downtime

When it comes to server downtime, there are various issues that lead to the same. For example, you may come into terms with hardware issues. Just as your computer runs slowly at times and you need to restart it, in the like manner you need to reboot your server from time to time. In such situations, websites will experience downtime issues only for a couple of minutes while the server goes offline. If you find the status page displaying a message that “the server has been rebooted”, you can be assured of the fact that your customers will come back shortly. On rare situations, you may have to replace the hardware.

At times, random situations can also take place, wherein, your server will behave in an unusual way for no feasible reason. This may lead to short span of downtime and can be resolved once the root cause has been analyzed.

How Server Downtime is a threat to your online marketing? When your server is down, then you may experience a decline on your online profit as well. And considering the global economy of today, a business owner cannot afford even minimum time span of downtime.

Today, the challenge of retaining optimum data availability is greater when compared to previous times. However, if your business is slow at adapting the server monitoring trends, then you will fall behind. Today the market is highly competitive where we all want to be a cut above our competitors. Now, considering this you cannot afford to fall behind your competitor. Hence, make sure to implement various server monitor checks at frequent intervals.

Because of server downtime, you may lose out on some important data as well. However, if you are not able to recover the data, then this can have a negative impact on your business. As a result, the reputation of your business can also suffer a setback.

Now, taking into consideration today’s significance in the online business and marketing world, it can be rightly termed that any kind of downtime is not acceptable.

Fortunately, business owners are much more conscious when it comes to managing their business in a smooth and efficient manner. As a result, today you will find most of them resorting to server monitoring solutions to eradicate downtime issues on the whole. Besides the server, make sure to keep a watch on your website and applications so that they are available round the clock to your customers. And for making this a certain affair, you may resort to a renowned server monitor solutions.

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