Technology & InternetWhy is B2B so far behind in Social Media and Content Marketing?

When I talk (or write) about B2B Social Media and Content Marketing, I still get surprised when people ask me: but this is only for B2C, isn’t it? This will not be the right thing for my business, will it?


They have it all wrong: Social Media and Content Marketing can do great things for your B2B Company, you just have to understand how it works and what goals can be achieved with it.

If you are heading for the quick deal, you might want to look somewhere else. But if your goal is longterm business connections, then content marketing is exactly the right thing to do in B2B.

Look at the way decisions are made in B2C and B2B. In B2C usually a decision to buy anything is made within a few minutes or less. Most relevant B2B projects take a lot of negotiation, getting to know people and talking it through. And where a bad buy in B2C usually is quickly forgotten or reversed, a wrong decision in B2B can easily influence your company for months. So before going into business with new people in B2B you get to know the potential business partner, you talk things through, you get recommendations, read references and get as much information on a future business partner as possible. 

You should take this into account in your social media and content marketing strategy: you want to give your potential customers information. This information is unlike most B2C cases not all about a product or service. It also is about knowledge, information, expertise, experience, … and personality. Most B2B deals lead to long lasting relationships between two businesses or companies. These deals take time to make but they stay on. That is the reason why so much more effort is put into finding the right business partners.

Even in choosing the right outlets for publishing your content you should keep this need for information in you potential customers in mind. If you get them interested, they will probably be looking for more information about you. So your publishing strategy should make it easy for them to get a full picture of you, your business, your knowledge, expertise and reputation. By just publishing content in different ways, you will probably not achieve this. You need an extensive professional profile of yourself and your company. A blog can help here, or a B2B oriented platform for publishing, profile/reputation building and connection.

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