Technology & InternetWHY GOOGLE + WILL CHANGE THE INTERNET (& Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn won’t)

Why Google+ will ultimately be the one-stop shop for all your online social–and professional–networking needs.


When Google+ first launched to the public in September 2011, it became the fastest growing social network. Despite its rapid adoption, however, it garnered mixed reviews. While users seemed eager to try it out, it was just another social network that didn’t seem to offer anything significantly different.

Now, over a year later, not much has changed.

So why do I still believe that Google+ will ultimately be the one-stop shop for all your online social–and professional–networking needs? Here’s why:

The Ultimate Marketing Machine

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter each has its own ad-based model for generating revenue.

Each equips marketers with two-to-three of the following valuable targeting methods  needed to reach the audience most likely to benefit from their products or services:

Elements of Effective Targeting Online

  • Basic Demographics - gender, location, language and interests of users.
  • Brand Affinity – brands that users ”like” or “follow,”or how many in their network are connected to a given brand.
  • Professional Status – job function, seniority and industry of users

Facebook and Twitter blend in brand affinity while LinkedIn leverages professional status. All channels currently have the ability to target using basic demographics.

While all of the above are effective ways to reach the right people, what happens if I don’t need your product or service today?

Google Search has this element down with AdWords.

AdWords provides marketers with the ability to serve ads to people based on their basic demographics and what they search for.  For example, if I search for “alarm system,” I’ll see ads for alarm-system companies in my city.

Enter Google+…

Google+ will be the catalyst in creating the ultimate advertising network for marketers, BLENDING everything they need to reach an audience:

  • supreme demographics including job titles
  • brands users have in their circles
  • industries of interest
  • personal interests, etc.

And, most importantly, TIMING. Google+ will enable marketers to target users at precisely the right time, based on their searches.

Consider this example:

I’m a marketer with a product used by volume home builders who are experiencing difficulty selling their new homes. Today, I can create ads with AdWords and bid on the phrase, “sell homes quicker” so that when home builders or sales reps at the presentation centre search Google using this term, they’ll see the ad for my product.

Perfect, right?

Not really. The problem here is that the vast majority of the people who search using this term are actually individuals looking for a Real Estate Agent or are figuring out how to sell their home on their own. Today, I cannot specify that my ad should only be shown to those who work in the home building industry.

By blending an individual’s job title, industry, or groups that she/he may belong to, together with his/her search term, Google+ will enable marketers to fire on all cylinders: getting to theright audience at the most opportune time.

No online advertising network in existence provides the kind of precise, one-to-one targeting that Google+ will enable Marketers who use Google to achieve. Though the marketing adage is a tired one, a new precedent will be set for reaching the right customers with the right message at the right time.

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Posted by Aubrey Stork



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