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exploreB2B has the power to extend your reach to an international level of exposure. Now.


 The typical startup company generates attention in small regional markets and then scales. We, at exploreB2B, hone in on a different approach. We understand that you need international exposure to propel your business. Regional can be explored with time.

We started small in Germany, within a regional market. The next logical step would have been to move to other regional markets, broadening our reach across Europe by moving through the UK or Spain, for example.

Instead, in January of this year, we went berserk - attacking the international market. This expansion did not come spontaneously.

Let me explain.

What do you really need when you publish something? Do you want a handful of people from your own network to read your article; to brand yourself as an expert for people who probably already know you are an expert?

…Or do you want to broaden your reach within markets where you would otherwise not have access?

With our global strategy, we give you that access. When you register on exploreB2B, you enter a community that already extends from the US to Europe, from Russia to South America, from Asia to Africa. exploreB2B gives you the same level of international exposure, whether you publish from Canada or Greece.

We went international because we recognized and understood that it is what YOU really need.

exploreB2B is growing, start growing with us. Register on exploreB2B. See you there, global friends. 


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