Technology & InternetWho is behind exploreB2B?

First of all that is my brother Jonathan and me. For a long time we talked about building an internetstartup together, but somehow the time, the idea and the circumstances where never right - until Jonathan came up with the idea for exploreB2B


I am Susanna. I studied mathematics in Berlin and finished with a Phd before working for a consultancy for several years. My brother and co-founderJonathan is also a mathematician - but he is also very much into internet, programming and technical issues.

Jonathan came up with the idea for an internet platform, where you can network for your business in a similar way to what I did in real life when working as a consultant: visiting business fairs, writing articles in magazines, networking with friends, colleages and clients - all with the goal of presenting myself and my consultancy as a helpfull, knowledgable and nice-to-work-with potential business partner thus gaining new business opportunities.

So in late summer 2009 we had a lot of talking and discussions about how such a platform should work, what kind of features we would need and how people should be able to use the platform. We met with a lot of business people we know, some experienced founders and advisors - and decided: exploreB2B would really take business networking to a new level and in March 2010 founded exploreB2B GmbH.

But Jonathan and I are both not experienced internet programmers: In the end of 2009 we incidentally met Max Schulze and Florian Kossin, who were just about to start Modus Operandi and we made one of our best business decisions so far: we decided to work with them - and we still do. Max is behind all the functions and features we now have on He gets the best people to work with him - and through him with us. 

But having a platform is not all - we need the people to know about us. So we got more great people to work with us - and our team goes international as exploreB2B does: we have Achille ‘Lele’ from Italy, who is doing our social media activities and online marketing and we have Erin from San Francisco for communcation and marketing. 

So right now in our offices you hear a funny mixture of german and english - but that is part of what exploreB2B is about: to make the world smaller, bring together companies bridging borders and distances.


Susanna_gebauer_exploreb2bDr. Susanna GebauerexploreB2B GmbHGeschäftsführer, Gründer


Entrepreneur Shanmuga RajaEntrepreneur Shanmuga Rajakudos and best wishes

nice to know how exploreb2b came into existence... i like the idea how networking happens here, very much related to real world... i wish exploreb2b overtake linkedin somehow...

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