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Why putting the expertise into B2B content marketing can impact customer acquisition, lead generation and increase revenue.


Content marketing professionals use knowledge, stories, narratives, findings, images, video and other creative means to establish authority within an industry. Especially in B2B content marketing, defining expertise through informative and thoughtful content is an essential way to assert leadership, generate lasting professional connections, enhance company exposure and ultimately – witness real revenue growth. 

Who is considered an expert and how do we establish this expertise? 

The English dictionary defines an expert as: ‘a person who has special skill or knowledge in a particular field; specialist; authority.’ To expand, an expert must have relevant experience and a learned familiarity with complex theories and/or processes. An expert can demonstrate (and explain in layman’s terms) why something occurs, address unanswered questions and present solutions to problems arising in their area of study or practice.

True experts have the ability to take the knowledge they have and apply it to situations that remain debated or unsolved. As the beneficiaries of experts, we expect them to have strong reputations, come highly recommended (ideally, from people we trust), express innovative ways of thinking, and the ability to overcome obstacles. They must also inspire a feeling of trust upon our interaction with them

Within the realm of social media, "expertise" implies both knowledge of a professional subject, as well as a superior understanding of how people function and interact online. 

When creating ‘expert’ content in social media, you must communicate what you provide and know, in a way that gives your audience access to new and useful information. People will trust your expertise - and respect your humility - when you exhibit qualification through demonstration and communication.

One way to help spread your information is to allow your personality to infuse your content. Remember tone and visual elements help make you unique; they might even be the decisive factor that influences others to work with you. Most of us prefer to do business with those who elicit a positive attitude, represent a strong work ethic... and who provide enthusiasm about all things in general.

The sum of your content will eventually create an extensive profile that shows your expertise and offers a glimpse of who you are as a person - where you invest your energy, your findings, opinions and motivations. This culmination, if done correctly, will respresent your expertise,  inspire others to seek your knowledge, and create lucrative interactions. 

In today's world of Web 2.0, we are beginning to understand the vital importance of being an expert. 



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