Technology & InternetWhat kind of articles are appropriate? How can you find out which articles work best?

Articles are the heart of exploreB2B. Your articles represent your professional experiences and interests, what you do or wish to do professionally, what you offer or the description of what you are looking for.


 A few examples of what you can post:  

  • You have developed a new product
  • You are searching for a technical solution
  • You are in need for cooperation partners
  • You need patent research/information
  • You write a technical article to introduce yourself as an expert
  • You want to describe one of your success stories

Whether you want to publish long technical content or short direct questions is up to you. exploreB2B is the right tool for your needs.

To enable you to analyze and optimize your content marketing results exploreB2B Premium Functions offer you a collection of statistics on your articles. 

Premium Functions show you:

  • Views/Reads of your articles
  • Traffic Sources, where your reader come from
  • Audience: we can actually show you who read your articles and who rated your content as interesting

In addition the Premium Functions on exploreB2B give you additional visibility on the platform: Premium users and their content are automatically promoted via our dashboard.

You can try the premium functions 30 days for free now: Premium.

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JonathanJonathan GebauerexploreB2B GmbHGeschäftsführer, Gründer


Affiliate Internet Marketing/Business Owner Shaun SumnerAffiliate Internet Marketing/Business Owner Shaun SumnerArticles

So, I have established a business name "Marketing Products and Services" and I need the expertise advice on being on my toes with the title of my company (based for online affiliate internet marketing) and how to get this thing going, after a little research can I publish an article on looking for say, "the do's and dont's" or even just "social networking" and seek the advice I'll need?

Social Media Strategist Intern reginald nelsonSocial Media Strategist Intern reginald nelson

The most important thing you can start off with is know your target and where they are at. Your name should reflect what your business is about, something that stands humble and simple, for your audience will appreciate it. Also put out revelant content so that your audience can give feedback and engage with you to build that connection

Web Analyst  Amit DwivediWeb Analyst Amit Dwivedi

Yes, I am really agree with your view. The most important point is, how we can reflect our business services or products into the market. Once the product reflect the positive impression into the market, then no need to put extra efforts over the promotion.

Always keep clear your target audiences and regions that can really influence your business into the market.

Thank you so much,

Pedro OliveiraPedro Oliveira

Hi Shaun,
To me since you all ready have your business estabilish, you need to search partners to begin the distribution of your product the hardest part but when you gone try to show your product to a great company or try someone invest in he make sure the price you get your product"competitive price to the investor" and were your company can put the product "countrys" please never make the mistake to give the rights of your company only to one person.

Marc PaulMarc Paul

With 1.2BN impressions online since launch (Sept 21,2012) I'd recommend a quick look - Its whats going on in your space.


Pedro OliveiraPedro Oliveira

Marc, give a look now.


cindy bottenfieldcindy bottenfield

what kind of services does marketing products and services offer

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* Carlos Manuel Martinez* Carlos Manuel MartinezArticles examples

The themes examples seem relevant and comprehensive. The dotted line, encourage me because... add space to expand a little over.

cindy bottenfieldcindy bottenfield

I think a business run internet would be top quality purchase for all participating companies

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