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Indira SahajwallaIndira SahajwallaChronic Fatigue.52years old ,menopause10years ago.

Mrs H always feels tired and fatigued.No H/hypertension,No DM,routine urine and stool is normal,EKG is within normal limits.Height and Weight within normal limits.
treatment received Multivitamins,and reassurance.
Ordered VitD3 and B12 estimation
Patient has not obliged.since expensive test.
prescribed VitD3 sachet60000iu orallyevery fortnightly for 3.times.Pt has not done any thing.
Please suggest.

Professor Tom O'BrienProfessor Tom O'Brien

Try martial arts! It's fun & it's not just mindless exercising.

Sue DoutreSue Doutre

Hi Indira
Have you tried changing her diet? She could be allergic to something she is eating.
e.g.dairy, gluten etc

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