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Publishing an article. Must be for hot shot writers and the would-be journalists of the business world – right?


Publishing an article on exploreB2B does not tell the world you are devoting your career to literary mastery. It tells a professional community a host of other intentions.

Below are a few suggestions for what publishing an article on exploreB2B can mean – the rest is up to you.

What posting an article means on exploreB2B:

1. You want to share knowledge about yourself and your company

That’s right, exploreB2B is publishing platform that not only lets you, but encourages you to talk about yourself and you business. Sure, we hope you will do this in the form of compelling, witty, thoughtful, intelligent and informative pieces that give us insight into your past experience, present knowledge and company services or products – but the choice is yours. What you write effects your business, so represent it well. This is your opportunity to promote what you have to offer in a way that both engages your audience and mentions what you specifically have to offer. In the meantime, we will continue to play the role of the liberal parent – trusting you to make good decisions for yourself.

2. You have a hard time reaching people online

Your blog isn’t getting the amount of traffic you expected (and feel you have earned). Your guest posts keep getting denied. You have never written an article and wonder why you have a hard time reaching people online.

Whatever your reason for lacking in social media presence, producing meaningful content you can circulate online is the most efficient way to reach a widespread audience.

Here are some tips to put up your sleeve: you don’t have to write a doctoral thesis and you don’t have to find a perfect combination of words. Stop trying to be perfect. Stop worrying what people and ‘professionals’ might say. High-quality content is undoubtedly more effective that that which is subpar (and pitchy). But the first step is to get over your fear and write. (Don’t worry – if we think your style of writing is going to hurt your professional ventures, we will shoot you a message and help you revise.) Be brave, be smart, creative and get your words down in a document you can share.

3. You are curious

You’ve heard the term ‘content marketing (for business)’ around the World Wide Web and want to get a piece of the action. You found out there is a platform that lets you write your own coverage and - after months of getting nowhere with your PR company, are ready to give anything a try.

Here’s a secret: it doesn’t matter to us why you are curious about the ability to write freely about your company or industry knowledge. We just care that you have a professional fire and want to share that with a relevant crowd.

4. You want to be a thought leader

In order to establish brand, company or professional loyalty, you have to prove you are the best at what you do. That’s right, the best. We don’t want to take advice from the fourth or the third, or even the second best in the industry – we want insight, findings, products and services from the best in the business.

When you provide knowledge your target audience can utilize, when you tell stories that keeps them coming back for more – thought leadership becomes something of an organic creation. Be the leader you set out to be and communicate your expertise through the content you produce.

5. You are a B2B professional (not a B2C brand) and want to have social media influence   

Let’s take a step back. Social media is (relatively) new for all of us. It’s important not to jump on the bandwagon of any guru, expert or evangelist because the reality is that we are navigating these wild and rapidly evolving plains together. In the beginning, it's always going to be tough. 

What we do know (so far) is that the way consumers (B2C) and businesses (B2B) behave online is not identical, therefore we must maintain this awareness in our strategy. It is easy to imagine B2C marketers reaping the benefits of social media when social outlets are bubbling with an audience that is (more or less) there to consume. But, what about those in B2B? How do we enlighten other professionals that we are the right company to engage in business, via outlets we consider to serve mainly social purposes?

Reality check number one: professionals are online. Reality check number two: they are looking for information relating to their businesses. The way you convince these professionals to engage in business with you is by communicating your expertise in an engaging manner. What better way to do this than by writing articles that say just that?


The keyboard is your friend. No document you create will be the demise of your business (at least, we won’t let it). So sit down and feel confident that by just beginning the content creation process, you are already on the road to leadership, influence and expansion

When you get frustrated, just think of old Uncle Jimmy who slaved away at the typewriter to market his family business in the local newpaper - and relish how far you have come.

You have the tools, now it's time to reach your audience. 


ProfErin NelsonexploreB2B GmbHCommunication & Marketing Manager


Expert Financial Advisor Vishal RamanahExpert Financial Advisor Vishal RamanahSelf publish

Yes this is true exploreB2B is encouraging you to talk about yourself and about your business. It depends on us, how we can represent our self and our business too.It totally depend on us how to promote our business product and services.
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National Training Director Alicia MariaNational Training Director Alicia MariaSelf publish

Excellent article Erin - well written!

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