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Plumbing is an industry that deals with the fitting of pipes in a building for purposes of distributing water and removal of wastes. This industry is a fundamental part of every developed economy that needs and requires clean water and proper transport of waste material. Appropriate fitting of the pipes is a must to ensure that clean water and waste do no mix. The word plumbing comes from the Latin word plumbum which means lead, as drainage pipes were once made of lead.

A glance at the UK plumbing industry

For more than 100 years, the plumbing industry in the UK has abounded by encompassing cost effective, fast and advanced technology. The UK is very strict on the plumbers, requiring them to be licensed by taking exams. No plumber is allowed to work in homes or commercial buildings without this license. There's a plumbers code which provides the rules and regulations to enhance safety and high quality work done by the plumbers. This is another reason why a plumber would be wary of buying any type of plumbing supplies. They painstakingly shop for high quality plumbing supplies from re-known and recommended suppliers. Any small mistake could jeopardize their carrier for good. Due to the high plumber fees in the UK, many individuals prefer fixing their plumbing problems by themselves. There are articles found in the internet that can teach one how to become a plumber in their own home. Whether you prefer to hire a plumber or do it yourself; the main challenge is looking for the best plumber materials/supplies.

Finding a good supplier
This year, 2013 has definitely had an addition of new plumbing suppliers creating an even wider selection to choose from. Looking for a supplier with high quality plumbing materials and tools is not an easy job. A good supplier is the one that has stocked a huge catalogue of different brands. A supplier that is also able to give sound advice on fittings and measurement is also one that can be recommended. Today, many UK plumbing shops have gone online, which makes it easy for one to research on the different offers. After identifying a few shops, physically visit them to annul any fears abut the product. Customers in the UK have gone tech savvy and know what exactly they are looking for. Unscrupulous suppliers cannot survive the UK economy that is strict on the plumbing industry. Supplies that have warranties on them are more preferable than those without.

Competition in the industry

The plumbing industry is not devoid of competition. With so many plumbing shops and stores all over UK; they do compete by offering discounts to their products. Consumers know they will save some money by buying a discounted item but will most likely not compromise on the quality due to the high standards set by the UK government. Finding a professional plumber has been made easy as a result of the certifications they are required to have. This eradicates any risks involved in hiring an unqualified plumber.
The plumbing industry is set to grow in leaps in bounds in the year 2013 due to many stores going online reaching a wider market. .


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