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Making investment to earn profit has become famous among people across the world. This Blog Post discusses some smart ways to make profits out of real estate investments.



Earning profits with making investments in different sectors has become very popular among professionals as well as ordinary people. Initially only businessmen were used to make investment with aim to earn profits but later with advancements in banking and business processes ordinary people also started investing money in various industries to make extra money in the form of profits on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Prior to the discovery of oil, Middle Eastern countries were not so much developed but as soon as the oil discovered in these areas they showed tremendous progress in building infrastructure and huge sized residential, commercial and industrial projects. This in turn generated several investment opportunities for those who are willing to make investment in real estate property projects. Moreover, State Government of United Arab Emirates also started focusing to improve other service sectors of the city like business, trade, finance, travel and tourism industries to attract foreigners to establish their businesses here. In order to facilitate entrepreneurs, UAE government has announced certain areas as free zones, where businessmen don’t need to pay any taxes on their income. Its cosmopolitan environment and negligible crime rate attract leading brands and business persons across the globe to open their branches and headquarters in this country. This has also created numerous job opportunities in the region. And foreigners across the globe started considering Middle East to find job with good compensation packages to improve their standard of living. People migrating UAE will definitely need some place to accommodate themselves. Initially foreigners were not allowed to hold property with ownership rights. But later government has decided to announce freehold property ownership to foreigners as well.

It has been observed that among seven emirates Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer excellent investment opportunities in real estate sector for local and foreign investors.

You must be thinking how purchasing a home will be allowing anyone to earn profits? The process is very simple, as you can see that number of people consider rushing to Dubai to find job with aim to support their families. Not everyone is capable of buying a property here as property purchasing involves huge money transactions. Such expats prefer to find short term rental accommodation to settle down. Homeowners can rent their properties to tenants for making periodical income whereas they can also sell their properties on higher prices once they will found suitable buyer.

Buying, selling and renting residential or commercial assets in UAE is not like becoming a simple home/property owner rather you will find yourself entered in property business. If you are thinking to buy a property in any of the emirate like Dubai/Abu Dhabi, you must show to possess some sense of doing business, in order to make profits with your property. Finding a good investment opportunity is the first essential requirement for earning profits with real estate investments. Another primary rule of making smart real estate investments is to make long term investments instead of short term. We all know, UAE has become a hub of business, trade travel and tourism in the region. Huge number of people visits this country all over the year for business, job, travel and tourism purposes. Irrespective to their reason of visiting this place, they all need some comfortable and affordable place as accommodation. Although, almost all emirates have built several luxury hotels specifically Dubai is world famous to possesses number of super luxury hotels. But hotels are usually expensive and everyone can’t afford them. That’s why buying properties to rent other tenants is the best long term investment you can make here. You can get more profits by renting your properties as rent rates are increasing with time and increase in demand of short term rental in UAE. You can also easily repay your mortgage loan with monthly rental income of your property.

Important things to consider while making Real Estate Investments in UAE

Below are few important things you should consider, while making final decision about real estate investments.

  • If you are choosing to invest in real estate market of foreign country, United Arab Emirates will double your chances to earn profits. Most of the people visiting Dubai or any other emirate are coming here to attend any event or for business or tourism purposes. This will be increasing the demand of rental properties and investors who have invested in rental properties will earn more profits. The value of their property will not decline.
  • If you don’t have huge capital to make investment alone you can also take benefit of making other investment options like group investment. Group investment doesn’t require huge investment as per person investment amount is quite low.
  • UAE real estate investments also facilitate improving capital amount you have invested. In order to make such an efficient real estate investment you will have clear idea about the time and place where you can make investments. Real estate agents, magazines, news papers and searching on internet are very effective ways to find such useful information. 

Real estate market of UAE not only welcomes local and GCC nationals to invest money in real estate sector, it also allows foreign investors across the world. Implementing right investment strategies and choosing suitable real estate market and property type will enable investors to earn profits. Considering above mentioned things will help those investors who are planning to target UAE real estate markets to amplify their profits.


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David is a blogger based in Dubai who usually writes about Travel and Real Estate realted stuff. He also recommends Better Homes as the best company to offer rental villas in dubai.



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