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In tough competitive times, advertising and promotion play a crucial role in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. There are many different ways to promote a product.


 In tough competitive times, advertising and promotion play a crucial role in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. There are many different ways to promote a product. However, some companies prefer using more than one promotional strategies. A set of powerful promotional strategies can take your business to the next level. In this article, we will tell you about the top 10 promotional strategies for businesses.

Organizing Contests - This is one of the most commonly used promotional strategies. You can easily promote your brand by organizing a contest and giving free promotional items to the winners. These items can have your company’s logo on them. People always like to win prizes and your brand will get instant recognition.

Stay Connected through Social Media - The scope of social media has significantly increased in the last few years. It is vital for your business to have a strong presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social networking websites. Social media makes sure your company does not seem to be persuading potential customers, but stays connected with them. Social media acts as a bridge between the buyer and seller.  

Don’t Overlook Mail Order Marketing - Although it is a traditional strategy, it is still useful. Whenever a customer decides to purchase your product, ask for his/her personal information. In exchange for this information, you can give free promotional items. A customer familiar with your products represents your target audience. His/her personal information will help you plan a sound marketing strategy.

Give Away Sample Products - This strategy is mostly used by companies while introducing a new product. When you give away samples, you encourage potential customers to use your product. If they like your sample, they may consider buying your products in future too.

Point-of-Sale and End-Cap Promotion - The basic purpose of this promotional strategy is to make certain products easily accessible to customers. In the former, products are placed near checkout counter. On the other hand, the latter requires products to be placed at the end of the aisles. This way, customers find it easier to choose these products over other products in the store.

Customer Referral Incentive Programs - As the name suggests, in this strategy, the customer gives you some references for incentives in return. These incentives may be in the form of discounts, promotional items, cash rewards and so on. References allow you to expand your consumer base.

Charitable Causes - As strange as it may sound, this is also an effective promotional strategy. When you ask your customers to be a part of something big and charitable, they are more inclined towards buying your products. It also gives your company a socially conscious image. You can simply give a percentage of the sales to a cause you are committed to.

Branded Promotional Items - This is the most economical and easy way to promote your products. You can simply put your logo or brand name on economical items like pens, key chains, magnets and give them away with your products. Since your customers will use these items, your business will always be in plain sight.

Special Events - You can also organize a special event for appreciating your customers. You can have a lucky draw, offer discounts and plan a dinner for your loyal customers. This will encourage them to be associated with your brand for a long time.

After-Sales Surveys - Feedback not only helps you plan a future strategy, but also makes your customers feel that you constantly make efforts to improve the quality of your products. This way, you let them know that you care about them.

Although there are many more promotional strategies for businesses, your choice will depend on your budget, needs, requirements and type of business.




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Hi Iana Lens! Are these ideas target to B2B clients? It seems more target to final consumers (in my opinion, of course!).
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Jorge C.

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