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6 reasons why Vine is great for businesses


The first time I used Vine, I couldn’t see the point of a six-and-a-half-second video clip. Then, I spent some time investigating the service.

Although, most popular Vines are songs, comedy videos or recordings of cats, marketing on Vine is a good strategy for most businesses.

In this article I explain why and suggest strategies for using Vine as a marketing tool.

Here are six reasons why Vine is good for business:

1. No Need to Edit

I like YouTube but it’s a bit of work to record a two or three-minute professional clip. Invariably, these clips require edits and branding.

That’s not to say Vines can’t be edited, but it’s often quicker to just re-record a Vine. The only warning is businesses should remember Vines loop repeatedly and this may impact on the finished video.

2. No New Tools Needed

Vine is developed with smartphones in mind. Most of today’s smartphones have relatively decent video recorders. This means any business person can quickly record a vine of their product or service, without having to buy a video camera.

3. Vine Circumvents the Wadsworth Constant

According to Statistics Brain, the average attention span of a person during 2012 was eight seconds. Considering how many internet enabled devices with notifications we use every day, this isn’t a surprise.

This makes Vines more captivating than many YouTube videos because of theWadsworth Constant. This states that people watching YouTube clips generally skip the first 30 per cent or so.

The Wadsworth Constant makes sense considering that the start of a YouTube clip often involves branding or an arguably unnecessary introduction.

Users are far less likely to skip a Vine because:

  • It plays and loops automatically
  • It is shorter than eight seconds

4. Vine Complements Social Media

Lots of small companies use social media to successfully promote their business. Generating content for these sites is always a challenge and Vines represent another source of new content for creative business people.

A Vine of a product or service sits nicely beside a photo or description of a product or service on a social media site.

You can use the Vine app to post a Vine on Twitter or Facebook or to email a link or embedded code. WordPress also give detailed instructions about how toembed a Vine on a blog.

5. Vine is Great for Customer Support

There are thousands of support videos online, many of which are over five or ten minutes in length. Vine represents a way for businesses to respond in a visual way, without spending resources and time on a lengthy support video.

For example, a software developer could provide step-by-step instructions to their app or service through a series of Vines.

Vines are for more than just techies though. British bank NatWest uses Vine to provide answers to 20 common questions it receives from customers.

6. Vine is Personal

A series of Vines depicting a tour of a company premises or introducing staff is a great way of personalising a business.

Similarly, a Vine of a satisfied and consenting customer is a clever way of promoting testimonials online and winning new business.

Suggestions for Vines

  • A boutique shop could record someone modelling clothes for sale
  • A restaurateur could record the preparation of a daily special
  • An electronic retailer could record an unboxing of popular products
  • A carpenter could record the before, during and after stage of a build

If you want to see more specific examples, HubSpot has gathered fifteen of the best Vines.

How to Record a Vine

A Vine is a stop-start video recording made on mobiles. To record one:

  1. Open the Vine mobile app
  2. Click the camera icon on the top right corner
  3. Frame your subject
  4. Tap and hold the screen to begin recording (watch the green bar on top of the screen fill up)
  5. Stop after a second or two by taking a finger off the screen
  6. Repeat step 2 to record something else
  7. Continue until the green bar progresses all the way to the right
  8. Press X to start over
  9. Alternatively, add tags, a caption and share

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