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Content marketing has been a central topic for discussion in the industry. Yet this is hardly unexpected, considering it is cheaper, more effective and better received by consumers than other marketing strategies.

I read some staggering statistics last week on Business 2 Community which revealed just how important content marketing is. Its popularity has skyrocketed recently and, whilst five years ago barely anyone had heard of content marketing, it is now being used by 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers.

Moreover, its importance is unlikely to wear out any time soon. According to data from Demand Metric, more than three-quarters of marketers believe custom content is going to define the future of marketing.

As mentioned earlier, content marketing is cheap. In fact, it´s 62% cheaper than conventional marketing but it can generate three times as many leads. How´s that for efficiency?

There´s more good news, though. Thanks to content marketing, the average website conversion rates increase from 6% to 12%. The reason for this is that people who engage with useful and appealing content on websites are more likely to buy a company´s products or services.

The information that reaches consumers puts them in control of the purchasing process. Modern consumers prefer to do their own research online before deciding what they want, so relevant content can help them make better informed decisions. Thanks to content marketing, 57% of the purchasing process is completed even before a customer reaches out to sales, statistics reveal.

These strong figures support what we believe here at M2 Bespoke: Content is King. Although it seems that this is the ´buzz´ phrase at the moment, actually producing this kind of interesting, relevant content on a regular basis is a lot harder than you might think. That´s where we come in. We take the stress away by supplying you with tailored, online content, written just for you. As these figures reveal, it is one of the best and most efficient means of marketing. Why not give us a call and see how we can help?


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