Technology & InternetThe new Facebook? No, the new Twitter! It's called Google+

Everybody thinks the (relatively) new kid on the block wants to be Facebook, while in reality it's a better Twitter than you can imagine.


Google+ is like most of you know, the social network run by Google. Some articles last year wrote that Google+ (G+ from now on) was launched out of the blue in June 2011 in an attempt to steal Facebook's users, traffic and revenues. Certainly no one argues that the project was internally planned since numerous years, what many also forget is that Google created Orkut in 2004, around the same time as Facebook, and definitely knew and understood what was going on in the social network sphere from 2004 until 2011.

I've read articles in Jan 2012 that analyzed the state (success or failure) of G+ according to number of users, number of referral links and average time spent by users. Most agree that the rise of users was spectacular, but average time spent is pretty low and referrals' number is surpassed even by the newest social networks such as Pinterest.

I won't argue with the numbers. There's definitely an attention span issue on the platform and it's caused by the type of users that are populating it. At the moment most of G+ users, the one that actually use it (and are far, far less than 100 millions) are dedicated social media marketeers, people that use social media for a purpose, that not necessarily has to be work but could also be a mission or an interest, journalists and companies.

Let's say that you won't find so easily in G+ a guy posting “Good morning” or “Good night”, “went to the movie, watched John Carter, sucked”, “OMG so hangover from last night, great party so craaaazy.” What you usually find is more on the line of “10 Ways to Improve Your CTA. The call to action (CTA) is the most important part of a landing page [...]” and that's because the so called aggregators are in percentage a great part of G+.

How you can profit from this ? Well, here's where I believe G+ really catches the good aspect of Twitter and mixes it with a bit of Facebook.

  • G+ posts are open by default and probably most of the users post open article just as it happens with Twitter.

  • The posts are not limited to a number of characters and are multimedially very rich.

  • The search function is by far the best of the 3 social networks I mentioned.

  • G+ does not limit how many people you put in circles. A dedicated person can get from 0 to 500 followers/friends in a week.

If you are looking for specific users, focused on a certain topic, coming from a certain sector, there is a high chance that you find them on Twitter, as individuals, a lower chance of finding them on Facebook, and a good chance of not only find them on G+ but find the people they interact with and have access to “circles” much more easily that lists on Twitter and groups on Facebook.


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