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It's not just about what you say. It's how and to whom you are speaking. WAKE UP to the power of storytelling.


The cornerstone of a successful marketing campaign is the ability to evoke true emotion in the members of your target audience. If consumers of company information do not feel moved on a personal level – chances are slim that they will remember your brand, utilize your goods and services, and return to you for further insight.

Social media has enhanced this need for providers and consumers to connect on an emotional level. With an endless stream of information, members of social media communities have begun to tune out advertisements and expect something else in return. No longer receptive to flashy images and grandiose slogans, they crave feeling, entertainment and utility.

Today’s business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) audiences want to follow a narrative, to be exposed to the history of a company and be incorporated in the continuing story of a brand. They want to be able to utilize the content they are exposed to on their social and professional networks, both for pleasure and productivity.

This has opened the gates for a type of marketing that – while not new – has recently gained traction among the marketing ranks. The concept of content marketing involves storytelling, teaching, and entertaining target audiences. It is the method by which professional individuals and companies motivate their audiences to return for more knowledge, products and services. Through the production of high quality, useful and engaging material can inspire real connection and lucrative interaction.

Content marketing is about providing for your audience. However, the benefits are twofold. Under this marketing model, the receiving community is exposed to content that is relevant and meaningful for their lives. It also gives the opportunity to content creators to serve as self-publishers of their own professional destiny, to become thought leaders in their industry, and motivate a mass of people to discuss topics that are relevant to their business.

Below, are articles that delve into the basics of strategizing a content marketing campaign, problem areas to avoid, and methods for integrating “storyteller” into your marketing identity.

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Note: You don't have to be (a profanity-laced) Samuel L. Jackson to make your point. 


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Mr. Charles RayMr. Charles RayThe power of stories

Story telling is not only great for promoting product or content, but an effective tool for mentoring and managing. Great article.

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