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Opinions and Developments on Online Marketing: SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media for Companies


This project turned out to be more complicated than we ever imagined. For almost a year, we here at exploreB2B have researched the connections between SEO, social business strategies, and content marketing. We conducted many interviews with international experts, drew our own conclusions and successfully implemented according strategies into our own marketing efforts.

This report is our wrap up – a complete summary on what we have learned from our own experience and from the experts.

We conducted interviews with international experts on these topics. We took great care in selecting interview partners, basing our decisions not only on expertise, but on diversity. Among the interviewed experts you will find established and well-­‐known marketers such as Lee Odden and Joe Chernov as well as young and successful entrepreneurs like Social Katy. We interviewed people who base their careers and everyday work on the assumption that their theories about these topics are correct. The original interviews have been published on exploreB2B. 

The intense amount of information in this white paper is backed by quotes of many well known experts such as:

  • Lee Odden
  • Michael Brenner 
  • Social Katy
  • Dion Hinchcliffe
  • Joe Chernov
  • Lisa Barone
  • Kevin Cain
  • Adam Torkildson
  • Melissa Fach
  • Jonathan Gebauer
  • Gisele Mendez 
  • Valeria Maltoni

Find the full Whitepaper in the attached PDF.



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