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Great leadership is as rare and valuable as a Diamond. Much like a diamond, the value of great leaders are evaluated on 5 key attributes; the 5 C's of Diamond Leadership.


A great leader is like a diamond in that they are both rare and very valuable. The similarities don't stop there. Much like a diamond, there are specific criteria that needs to be assessed when determining the quality of a leader and some leaders will offer more value than others based on the level and/or depth of those specific criterion. 


I remember when I decided that I wanted to propose to my wife, I was quickly educated on the diamond selection process. My man Lenny put me on to “the 5 C’s”; Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat and Certification. I would argue that “Cost” should factor in there somewhere as maybe a 6th C, but that’s just me. In any event, these are the standards and criteria we use for selecting a quality diamond. The higher the stone rates in each of these categories, the more valuable it is. I have developed a similar system for leadership. When providing and assessing leadership, I employ a Diamond Leadership approach to ensure I consistently offer and receive quality leadership.


The 5 C’s of Diamond Leadership are Competence, Confidence, Commitment, Consistency and Concern. Always evaluate leadership based on these attributes for yourself and others. Starting with the first C of Competence, you would think this would be a given. However, there are many people that are in leadership positions that are not competent in their role and it will eventually show. When you lack the competence to effectively do the job or task you’re expected to do, your team will quickly lose confidence in you and your credibility as a leader will be shot. No one wants to follow someone that doesn't know what they are doing. Be careful not to accept positions of leadership if you are not qualified or understand the functions of that position. Many people accept leadership positions because they are excited about the title, status or the money that comes with it. If you aren’t qualified or prepared to meet the requirements or have the knowledge to lead a group of people to victory, the long term damage you will create for yourself and others will far outweigh the short term benefits. Study your craft, work on your skills and be properly prepared before you take on that role of leadership. Installment #2; Confidence to follow...

"When all you ever accept is the best that's all you'll ever get". #NoShortcuts



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