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Terry Bradshaw is a famous sports person as well as a TV Host that discusses about Business development and Finance.


 The idea is to discuss Terry Bradshaw in detail that includes his early life, past achievements, successes and finally his current role as a host of Business day TV.

Terry Bradshaw, is a man of many talents to say the least; from professional football, to acting, to writing to hosting a show on TV, he has done it all. Born in the year 1948, he is considered to one of the greatest quarterback in the history of NFL. Having a passion for the game he has spent a large portion of life involved in the game; whether that be on the field in the form of a quarterback, off the field as a commentator and reporter. 

He started his football career when he was selected as an All-American while he was representing the Louisiana Technical University; he was the first player to be selected to play for Pittsburgh Steelers.  Being selected so early may be considered as a start to a dream career. However, the first few years saw Bradshaw struggling to find a place in the team. Till 1974 his place in the team was questioned on several occasions, till the time he led his team to victory in the Super Bowl against the Minnesota Vikings. He repeated his star performance next year against the Dallas Cowboys, to put a stop to all the criticism. 1978 saw him being selected as the Most Valuable Player for Super Bowl XIII and NFL Player of the Year for his outstanding performance on the field.

He was considered to be a man with a cannon-like arm. He continued to give his best and won the Most Valuable Player again in the 1980. The same year he damaged his elbow muscle and had to undergo a surgery to correct the issue. His passion for the game could not keep him on the bench for too long and he was back on the field. However, this early return cost him as he ended up with permanent damage, only to retire in the year 1984.

He had great passion for the game, which is evident from the fact that he continued to be a part of the game off the field too. He began working as a guest commentator for CBS sports, his extensive technical and strategic knowledge of the game earned him a job as a game analyst. Eventually he joined ‘The NFL Today’ staff at CBS. However, after 10 years of work at CBS he decided to move to Fox Sports in 1994 to work as a co-host and analyst on ‘FOX NFL Sunday’

Terry is considered the most recognizable studio personality not only because of his sports shows, but also for his show ‘Business Day’. Not only does he have a great sense of humour but he is also business savvy. The show features small to medium businesses and their owners. The show focuses on several different industries, introducing viewers to the way business is done by these corporations. The show offers amazing learning and strategic insights to the viewers.

The show focuses on diverse range of topics, with Terry engaging with the guests on both a strategic level and also a personal level. Broadcasted  on both national and regional networks, the show has wide spread popularity. Business Day is an entertainment package with Terry motivating, inspiring and entertaining his fans with his witt and in-depth discussion with the business owners. His story telling keeps users engaged and informed through out the show.

In short, Terry is a man of many talents who knows the right questions to ask. If it was not for Terry, several business practices would never have been revealed. The struggle to survive for businesses in hard times would have been tougher had it not been for Business Day.

In addition to his extensive career on TV, Terry is an author, actor, singer and motivational speaker. He has a few best sellers with his name, one of the most famous ones is “It’s Only a Game”. His work as an actor can be seen in movies like “Failure to Launch”. When he travels around the country he does so giving motivational speeches.



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