Technology & InternetSocial Media for Business – a hype or a must have?

Many companies and businesses view social media with mixed feelings. They have heard about the great impact and success some companies achieve with social media. On the other hand, not being familiar with processes, platforms and conventions, many companies do not no where to start for themselves and shy away from starting. Watching successful people and companies in social media does not tell you how much effort and work they put into building up these.


What remains with many companies are the doubts:

1. What can I gain from it?

Social Media really is not for the quick return, but it is a great tool for building a reputation and connect to an interested audience. These connections can and will eventually turn into leads and business partners – when the time is right.

2. Is social media really for my industry?

Some industries are early adopters in social media and content marketing and some are way behind. But the truth is that the PEOPLE in the industries are in social media and that is what counts.

3. Can I really reach my target audience in social networks?

As stated before: PEOPLE are in social media, so you just have to figure out how to reach them.

4. Do I have to invest large amounts of money and time, before getting results?

Social Media is for free – but success in B2B Social Media is not. You have to invest time, thoughts and patience.

5. What goals can be pursued and achieved with social media?

That depends on the content you use, the strategy you are pursuing and the time you spend.

6. How is the best way to start?

Publish content! Communicate! If you do not have the right place to publish, like an already established company blog, use other outlets that provide an audience.


As a business you have to learn by doing. You have to figure out for your own special situation, what works and what does not work. You can have some experienced advisor help you get a good start and interpret your results - but the learning process remain. Just start doing it and your will eventually harvest!



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Sandra MarksSandra Marks

Thank you for the tip and the link to your article. I am not SEO professional myself, but as far as I know, your tips are good advice.

But I think we should all be aware that it gets harder and harder to get on google's page 1, as all people want to be there. So there always will be many people to compete with you in google.

That is why I recommend to use other ways too, to spread your content and get the initial visibility you need - that will then help with links and SEO, too.


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