Technology & InternetRecover inaccessible SharePoint sites or database folders in easy steps

MS SharePoint database store tables, indexes and texts of the SharePoint web portals. But SharePoint disasters or database corruption prevent team members from accessing or updating information on the SharePoint website. SharePoint corruption in the organization can be resolved using Administrative tools of MS SharePoint Server or MS SQL Server. User must use a third party SharePoint recovery tool if inbuilt tools fail to cure SharePoint corruption.


MS SharePoint Server allows user to add structured information on the website. It is a comprehensive web based content management and task management program. The SharePoint website contains personal, economic or business information of MS Office programs. Some key features of MS SharePoint Server are:

  • Task creation and team integration

  • Business documents management

  • Online document sharing and business process integration

Documents, tables and folders of the SharePoint website are stored in the central SQL information store or MDF file. MS SharePoint Server significantly reduces data storage costs of business organizations. Moreover, business documents stored over the SharePoint website cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons that ensure privacy of crucial company information. But all likewise other database programs, MS SharePoint Server may also develop corruption issues. Corruption issues of the SharePoint MDF file is generated mainly due to following reasons:

  • Crash of SharePoint Server

  • Virus or spyware attacks

  • Unexpected system shutdown

  • Fault in the networking cable

  • Slow internet connection

SharePoint corruption and troubleshooting options

MS SharePoint database holds entire information of the SharePoint Website. Therefore, corruption of SharePoint MDF files may create following outcomes:

  • SharePoint team sites will become completely inaccessible

  • Some table or text information of the SharePoint site may be visible

  • MS SharePoint Server will not update database changes on the SharePoint Worksite

SharePoint database corruption can be delineated into three broad categories i.e., index corruption, unknown errors and database synchronization errors. SharePoint documents, WSS libraries, tables and portals of a farm can be recovered using either SharePoint Backup and Restore Services or T-SQL scripts of MS SQL Server. Before restoring database information from the SharePoint backup, you must be administrator of the SharePoint Central Administration Site. Moreover, you must also have read or access permission of the backup locations. The steps involved in restoring SharePoint 2007 database from backup folder are:

  1. Open SharePoint Central Administration Site of a farm

  2. Click on Operation Page

  3. Hit the “Backup and Restore” option and click “Restore from Backup

  4. Click on “Backup file location” to select SharePoint database backup from specific location

  5. Right click “Continue Restore Process” to restore information from the selected file

Alternatively, you can following T-SQL commands of MS SQL Server to restore inaccessible SharePoint MDF files:


  • DBCC CHECKDB “Primary file name.MDF” , REPAIR_FAST


In case you want to restore only missing or corrupt indexes of the SharePoint database, use following T-SQL script:

  • DBCC DBREX table_name, Index_name

But major SharePoint corruption or disaster situations always cannot be fixed using inbuilt SharePoint or SQL Server tools. In extreme SharePoint disaster situations, you must use a professional SharePoint recovery tool.

Kernel for SharePoint Server recovery

Kernel for SharePoint Server recovery effectively cure major SharePoint corruption in the organization. It swiftly recover documents, tables, libraries and folders from the corrupt SharePoint MDF file. SharePoint recovery tool can recover SharePoint sites or WSS documents even when MS SharePoint Server is experiencing down time. MS SharePoint recovery software displays all recovered MDF tables, indexes and other data in a preview form before saving in a user specific location.

Author’s Bio: This content is about SharePoint Server. The author in this article has explained about MS SharePoint Server use, SharePoint corruption issues and various troubleshooting options. The writer has previously written many articles and blogs on SharePoint disaster recovery.


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