Technology & InternetMonitoring Applications: What is their significance today?

Application monitoring as well as management has developed its significance in the IT infrastructure complexity has developed over the past few years. While networks have turned out to be quicker as well as more capable, applications have turned out to be more sophisticated yet more complicated to troubleshoot.


A recent industry survey highlights the significance of application monitoring. According to a survey conducted, most of issues were found associated with the server and as well as application, whereas very less issue reported are associated with the network.

Application monitoring as well as management has increased in significance

The past customer server applications were relatively simple to troubleshoot. No sooner than a user reports a slow-down, it is the monitoring solution provider that will help you out with the slow-down procedure. The IT infrastructure of today often includes several tiers of applications, for example middleware applications, databases and web servers which work with one another to distribute services to the end-users. To efficiently control these infrastructures, it is significant to keep a watch on the every application tier.

Integrated Application Performance Monitoring from Monitor Scout

We all know that every application is unique from the other. As a result, you as administrators need to use various application monitoring tools so as to administer and control each application. The real challenge is to use various tools for monitoring various applications is that every tool has its personal distinctive interface as well as usage model. But then, users usually have a prolonged learning curve. Over and above, as various tools are being used, a number of manual coordination is engaged so as to troubleshoot issues that engage multiple applications.

What is the job of the administrators?

The job of an administrator is to keep a watch on multiple applications. As an administrator, you need to keep a watch on the status of your applications so as to make sure that everything is working at their very best.

Know about the Active and Passive Application Monitoring

Applications may be monitored by adapting the active as well as passive monitoring approaches. Active monitoring engages emulating accesses to the application as well as measuring the performance of the application. On the other hand, passive monitoring engages observing the behavior of the application and judging its performance based on the same. The best part is that both of these approaches have their own set of advantages and play a viable role in resolving application monitoring issues.

While with the help of active monitoring you’ll be able to detect the number of times for which your application is not accessible or is not responding adequately. And once you identify the same, you’ll be able to resolve it at the earliest so that your users can get access to smooth performing website with perfect running applications.

With so many application monitoring solution providers available in the market, it is preferable for you to go in for options like Monitor Scout. By choosing these services you’ll be able to get immediate alerts and notifications through SMS, RSS feeds or emails.




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