Consumer Products and ServicesMisconceptions About Locksmiths and Their Services.

Here are few misconceptions regarding locksmiths; follow them before hiring a locksmith company.


Misconception No.1: all the locksmiths use the same technology and products.

No, the products differ with the companies as there are high grade products as well as low grades. The locksmith service providers use these products as per your budget, there are high security precision locks and there are locks for general use. Customers have the options to choose as per their liking, if you pay a little high, you will get good quality locks with better performance. Poor quality locks are more prone to thieves and they can’t last long. You spend a handsome amount for the maintenance of your office then why to compromise with the quality of locks? You can ask Queens Locksmith to install best quality products

Misconception No.2: all locksmiths provide the same services.

No, this is not the case as there are genuine service providers who value your time and money and therefore provide you the best service at emergency basis. Every lock smith is not concerned for you 100% satisfaction whereas some offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed on their services. Some companies are there to stay for longer periods of time and some are just seasonal.

Misconception No.3: all are licensed so there is no difference.

We think that all the companies are registered with the state licensing authorities so all are genuine. No this is wrong as most of the states don’t have licensing laws for locksmiths and also don’t have licensing authorities for the same. In this situation it becomes imperative on your part to check the license number, check the reputation of the selected company, compatibility and ability to perform in emergency situations. You can call their executives to check their credentials, know for how long they are working in this field. Ask them some references, if they can provide and also know whether their service is insured or not.

Misconception No.4: all companies are alike.

 No, this is not true. Every company is rated on the basis of quality service they provide

You may have seen many individuals portraying themselves as companies and working from a specially designed car or truck. They don’t have an office, is it safe to use their services? Well I say no because there are many freelancers working in this industry just to earn some extra bucks in their spare time. They are doing this time for money and fun, they don’t care for their reputation and they may not be available at the time of your emergency. Whereas if you choose a reputed company with an office, they have several professionals working for them and in case of emergency, they will arrange another executive for you. How can you believe on someone who does not have any referral? And doesn’t have a list of satisfied clients and doesn’t have an office. These types of companies don’t have qualified professionals working for them.

Misconception No.5: all locksmith companies give guarantee

No, this is not true; all the companies don’t give guarantee. Suppose you have used the services of a local company and called them again within the same week, they will charge you for their visit. If Queens Locksmith provides locksmith service in your office according to their packages; they will definitely give the guarantee. The guarantee may be applicable for the locks and material used; they also give free service for a fix number of months.




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