Technology & InternetHow to use Social Media content to find new cooperations and project partners?

Social Media for B2B is about content - so why does content have to grow old so fast? Do you have real news every day?


What is really hard on Social Media for businesses is, that all content grows old fairly fast. So you have to write something new almost every day. For most businesses that is something they have to learn and which makes social media so difficult: their products, the advantages of using those products, these things all stay valid as social media moves on. So you have to find a new way to be present in social media with news and stories related to your industry and your potential customers, while not posting the same things every day.

The sum of all your Social Media content is the full picture of yourself and the business you work in. This includes the content you posted today, yesterday and last month. In the end you want the people to know who you are, what you do and that you know a lot about your business - because that are the characteristics that help people to see you as a desirable business partner.

Somehow this is opposed to the fact that in social media you only see new content. Old content is exactly that: old and fairly unvisible.

But is that the right way for B2B? Your products, services and your knowledge is almost the same tomorrow. Your goals and your offerings do not change as fast as classic social media and most b2b-companies do not really have ‘news’ every day.

On exploreB2B we follow a different approach. Your content stays visible, everybody interested in your articles can find all your other articles. So they can see the whole picture about you and your business. You don’t need to repeat the same message every day, because your message is still there. So you can rather spend your time and energy on new ideas and/or give additional information.

We firmly believe that b2b social media really can be much more efficient - it just needs the right tools.


Susanna_gebauer_exploreb2bDr. Susanna GebauerexploreB2B GmbHGeschäftsführer, Gründer


Roswitha AsjodiRoswitha AsjodiContinuous public presence

Dear Susanna,
thank you for this valuable and very true contribution. This is an ever so actual topic for every firm.

What about an ongoing "story" as a continuous public presence? Something which is of high interest to all customers. Something that they can learn from and at the same time directly has to do with the product/project.

Or a corporate posting: the business-bunch of my own firm and those of my direct customers present a special product and describe the new product in use.

Would you like to save a section on exploreB2B for ongoing interactions like these?

My best regards to Berlin
Roswitha Asjodi

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Dr. Susanna GebauerDr. Susanna GebauerThis is what exploreB2B is about

There is no need for a section on exploreB2B for ongoing stories.

The structure of exploreB2B gives you the opportunity to find all articles of a person or a company. So if this person or company is writing an ongoing story, you will be able to find the related parts of the story in that person's profile.

If we start adding new structures to exploreB2B, we will soon have the same problem networks working with groups have: there are endless places where you might be able to find, what you are looking for, but as there is not only one structure but multiple, in the end you will give up and not find anything.

Actually, every list of articles by one person or company should add up to one long story - the story, this person or company has to tell.

Thank you for your thoughts!


Cynthia TrevinoCynthia Trevino

Hello Susanna,

After reading your post and the comments, here is my question. For B2B companies and professionals, the challenge with content is its date.

Due to the constant supply of fresh articles published on B2B websites, news sites, etc., when a month, day and year is attached to content, it somehow seems 'dated'. It appears too old to be of value. Why? Because in our search results we'll see something newer. So we think, "newer must be better."

I believe, like you, B2B content, unlike consumer content, is typically more 'evergreen'.

Some successful, independent bloggers I follow have begun to omit the date that the content was published.
What are your thoughts on this dilemma? To date or not date B2B content?


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Dr. Susanna GebauerDr. Susanna GebauerHi Cynthia,

in my opinion this is one of the problems B2B social media is facing in the established networks. These were built on 'News'. But this is not what B2B really needs. In B2B something 3 years old can be exactly the information, product or service you are searching for.

So we need new thinking here in relation with B2B. The date might be interesting, as some B2B information as a press release could really be old news - but other articles still tell important stories. I personally would add a date - but reading articles go by the content first and consider the date, if the content is time sensitive.

On exploreB2B we therefore follow a different approach - as more content comes in, we take into account the number of current reads, recommendations, shares, markings as interesting etc. This way we can evaluate if an article is still of interest to our users and present this article accordingly.


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