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Data centers form an integral part of the online world. If you consider the number of online transactions that take place every new day then you will be surprised to identify that the final resting destination of these stored online transactions is none but the data centers. But then, this surprise can soon turn into a scary situation the moment you calculate the amount of vital and private data are stored there. In the due course of time, technologies pertaining to data center have gained greater advancements. More specifically, new technologies like increased power houses and server virtualization have come up in the forefront.


Why we need data centers?

Every new day, the data centers houses millions of data which are saved, processed as well as served. These are your business data that can either make or break your image in the global world. When talking about security, you should take care of the data encryption potential of the servers. Besides, you should also make sure that the backbone networks or uplinks are secured. You can opt for public key dongles so as to safeguard your data. Another thing that you need to focus on is the physical security of the data center. With inappropriate security facilities, viable details like social security number, credit card details etc.

What are the advantages?

There may be multiple advantages of resorting to a datacenter, but then the real trick likes in choosing an appropriate datacenter that caters to your need. While all datacenters are noted for their homogeneity, by delving deeper you can identify the underlying differences for sure. And it is these differences that can affect the security, availability, finances and scalability of your business. We all are aware of the importance that a business data holds in a company. And in no way can we tolerate any sort of infringement with this data. Hence, you need to be very careful while choosing a datacenter. There are above 100 factors that you need to take into consideration while evaluating a data center and then finally coming to a conclusion.

How data centers work?

Technological advancements and business growth increase your chances of making it big in the online world. With a new business needed coming up every new day, your challenge as a solution provider also increases. But in order to make sure that every thing runs well, you need to also focus on your business data. And when talking about business data, make sure not to exclude data centers. After all, it is through these data centers that you can be assured of the fact that your crucial business data as well as systems are well-protected. Selecting the right data center impacts your business largely. With a great data center by your side, you know that your customers can trust you with closed eyes.

Why a secured data center is preferred?

While choosing a datacenter don’t forget to demand for datacenter accountability. As a client, you need to consider the physical and logical security. The physical security of the data center matters. Make sure that the data center is secured enough so that even if the auditors come, they are satisfied with the data center and do not sense any sort of security breaches. Also make sure that the data center has easy to access cabling and is free from excessive moisture.

Why Space Requirements should be emphasized on?

The space required for setting up your hardware is one more significant factor you are needed to consider. Figuring out what amount of space is needed and how much you already have is also important. After a considerable research you can come to a conclusion about where your data center should be located. Using the compact versions for the servers will help you to save a lot of space which can be sued for several other purposes.

Start by reviewing the infrastructure of your network and computer. Decide the size if your unit rack, power type as well as amperage needed by each device. The power amount is usually decided based on the number of racks you have. Also try identifying the actual power usage. Identifying this ensure that millions of dollars are not wasted for unwanted power consumption. 

Why you need to Negotiate with the Managed Service Agreement (MSA) and Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Don’t go by verbal commitments. Rather before finalizing a data center, make sure to go through its SLA and MSA carefully. If you are having problems understanding the same, then prefer taking legal advice. Abiding by the contract terms is essential to choose a good data center of your choice.

Why Flexibility matters when you choose a data center?

Today, businesses find it really challenging to respond to the changing needs enforced on them. Irrespective of the predicted change or new advancement in the changing trends, businesses should be dynamic enough. And for this, you need to cope up with the changing demands and retain organizational objectives. At keeping pace with this objective, you need to also focus on the datacenter. Avoid going in for any datacenter that comes your way, rather be specific about your needs so as to come up with the best solution ever.

Is your data center fire protected?

You may have implemented the best precautions ever, but then, in spite of this, fires do take place. Make sure to go in for a data center that provides automatic fire suppression equipment. This prevents fire threats to a considerable extent. And once you are successful in preventing a fire, you can also prevent your business from a huge damage that may have resulted because of a fire breakout.

Why an efficient environment is considered?

We have already discussed how a data center consumes power for running a server or cooling the server rooms. Hence, when it comes to selecting a data center, make sure to go in for one that provides high efficiency.

What are the expenses involved?

Your budget forms an important factor while setting up of your data center facility. You need to know how much capital you require for the data center. How much upkeep is needed for your operation? The demand of power for running your system should be known. You should have knowledge of how much profit can be made and your estimated cost for providing the service. What type of hardware and the technology which you are going to use for your data center? So keeping in mind these aspects will give you an insight for running your data center efficiently.

The expense related to a land differs based on the concentration of individuals. The owners of prominent city centers office apartments are liable to charge premiums depending on square foot. On the other hand, if the data center is positioned in some rural area or other small town they you don’t need to pay much for premiums. Moreover, these areas also help you with the desired scalability.

Avoid choosing databases that have problems with investments or are paying some loan. It is because these sorts of data centers have restricted availability and in the due course of time you’ll also come to know their stagnancy. Hence, make sure to go in data centers have wide scope and don’t clip your growth as well.

What information you should know about your staff?

You are required to know the type of assistance which is going to be needed for setting up your service. The employees hired by you are they well trained? Does your IT staff have the ability to manage such a great responsibility? Can your employees handle everything by themselves or they need some more new individuals in future.

Will your data center provide the desired Customer Support?

Make sure to go in for a data center that will help you with the needed support. When you think of selecting a data, the first thing that would perhaps strike your mind is whether it will provide you round the clock support. With consistent support on their part you can be assured of the fact that whenever you fall into some technical glitch, they are there to help you out.

Who are the partners and vendors of your datacenter?

Most often datacenter operators have established bonds with the vendors. Now, by leveraging these bonds you can save enough of your time and hard earned money. Make sure to choose a datacenter that has a good relationship with vendors as well as partners.

What services should you take into account?

It is important to take into account various services that the data center operator will provide. The facilities include anything and everything starting from customer availability, consulting services, office space to name a few. Make sure to choose a data center that offers you the best of services.

What are the expenses that you need to consider?

Besides concentrating on the monthly fees, you should rather focus on the expenses that can result because of persistent downtime issues. The perfect facility lower downtime issues related with crucial facilities issues. Prefer choosing neutral carriers as they will provide you with better pricing and more choices. 

What you need to decide Upon Data Center Needs and Colocation Expenses?  

When choosing a datacenter, you need to know whether the data center is redundant or not. After all, server redundancy can have detrimental effect on your business. Also concentrate on the part fees and labor expenses before choosing a datacenter. Besides, you need to also focus on the expenses involved for space, power, etc.

Why Minute details about Software are focused on?

It is essential to understand the minute details of the software being used by you. Which platform of management is going to be utilized? Are you going to deal with vendors or you believe in creating your own platform within the organization? In case you choose to deal with a vendor then which one is the best to suit your needs? All these should be kept in mind for running your data center more efficiently.

What you need to know about Network Carriers?

Prefer using a neutral datacenter which provides 10GE services. However, make sure that it has plans to provide 40GE services in the coming days. With the help of neutral facility, you can get access to several providers. This in turn enhances the bottom line and lowers the risks. Don’t forget to check out the services sheet declaration of the provider as it will help you know what service levels and carriers they are likely to help you with. Look for data center that would help you with several paths on the greatest routes ever. 


You may find it a real challenge to move from one data center to the other. But then, with the right set of considerations on your part, things can be eased down considerably. Lastly, when it comes to choosing a data center, make sure to focus on its present facilities as well as future aspirations. 

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