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Why self-publication is a key factor in the five-step plan to having a social business influence.


How do businesses establish a noteworthy reputation, enhance ROI, and increase profitability within today's social media landscape? The answer is multifaceted, but in a word: self-publication.

Let’s break down the steps that lead to the creation of a meaningful social business influence. 

Step 1: Understand where we are

Within our current social media landscape and the framework of Web 2.0, the critical factor to attain brand loyalty is simple: you must prove you are the best at what you do.  

Statistics and analytics are important. So too, is intuition. Being able to assess what your audience wants – and when and how they want it, is a key factor in social media success.

The torrent of information flooding online portals raises the standards for your methods of communication. Your work must be better than that of your competitors.

Step 2: Know what your audience wants

Social media consumers (B2B and B2C alike) demand a steady flow of reliable information. They expect to grow personally, professionally, monetarily – even emotionally and spiritually from the information you provide. Product and service descriptions no longer cut it.

Your audience wants stories, lessons learned, compelling data. They want to be moved and entertained. They want to be convinced, through your intellect, emotion, and wit that you are an expert, the expert, who will bring them exactly what they need.  

Find out what your specific target group craves, where and how they want it – and be their provider.

Step 3: Learn how people communicate online

There are three elements that make up the cornerstone for how to communicate in social media:

  1. Be informative (whilst entertaining).
  2. Be genuine.
  3. Be consistent.

The rest is up to your individuality, analysis and intuition.

Step 4: Inspire trust  

Inspiring trust through social media interaction requires the steady production of content. What you say, post, stumble, share, and tweet, must be consistent.

It must also resonate with your audience and establish your knowledge in niche that directly relates to your business. Providing regular expertise is key.

Post pictures. Create infographics. Develop a video channel. But remember the power of the written word to establish your expertise.

Step 5: Self-Publish

Self-publication is the ribbon in this five-step package. Serving as your own publisher allows you to communicate expertise - regularly, and on your own time. It indicates you understand what your audience needs in the framework of their various social media channels, and that you are there to provide it. Ultimately, self-publication serves as a gift to your audience, as you become a valued (and entertaining) source of information. 

(This gift, inherently, extends to you as you benefit from their trust.) 

What makes this revolutionary?

Businesses producing content to prove their expertise and/or elicit an emotional response in their audience is not new. 

Yet, illustrating meaningful knowledge in the form of an article that can be shared by an individual - and turned viral - is an opportunity that is relatively fresh in the business world.

Twenty years ago you could not sit at your computer, draft a piece on the The Seven Most Powerful Ways to [INSERT TOPIC], and expect others to have seen, benefitted, and publically shared this information at such a high velocity.

Now, you not only have the power to serve as your own publisher – you have the ability to be the distributor of your ideas on a global scale.

If you have a blog, use it. If you want to reach a community of experts, publish on platforms that will propel this content.

What if I don't? 

It’s too late in the game to debate whether or not self-publishing is effective. By the time you prepare that cup of coffee and decide if you want to browse self-publishing platforms – your competitors will have already composed a humorous, professional masterpiece that has been tweeted 487 times.

Get to it and tell the world what you do.

Happy writing. 


ProfErin NelsonexploreB2B GmbHCommunication & Marketing Manager


Herr Günter HeiniHerr Günter HeiniReal good article!

Thanks for this really good article. Will motivate me to focus on writing!

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