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President  Raazia ArifPresident Raazia ArifSuccess and failure

I had created my organization(Umeed-e-Bahar Welfare Trust) group both in Facebook and LinkedIn, I recieved a fairly good response from people joining my group. Whenever I requested for material, financial or professional help, there was not a single response. Where did I go wrong?
Our website is
As it is for the last 5 years my family. friends and I have been financing this institute with the hope that others would join in so that we are able to expand to help more.
We have succeeded in establishing 2 of our children as income contributors to their families whith our meger resources; but have failed to attract outside contributions so that we can add more chidren and more resources.
Raazia Arif
Umeed-e-Bahar Welfare Trust

Bob HarringtonBob Harrington

First of all you sound very "Nigerian Letter."

Second, your basic psychology of needs is missing,(Maslow's Hierarchy states that even altruists need to feel good about giving)

And third the name "welfare" has too many negatives attached to it to attract any western culture minded donors.
And as a postscript, where are all the very rich middle eastern donors? Have you tried Arabic? Those guys have gold plated Bentleys in their yards.

Jonathan GebauerJonathan Gebauer

Maybe you want to write an article about this and start the discussion there? While you have reached the right place for the topic, having your own article exploreB2B might give you some more visibility.

willi saefudinwilli saefudin

explloitasi utuk saya dalam jumlah artikel untuk web ini dan baru untuk saya .

khawaja iqbalkhawaja iqbal

Dear Raazia Arif sahibah , salaam , Please try to contact a friend of mine and ask this question to him . He is doctor , a gold medal winner from Colombo ,Sri Lanka .He is running his organization for children with special needs in Mirpur Azad kashmir , very successfully . Their one students won gold medal in Olympic . He knows me personally from boyhood . My email is face book Khawaja Zahoor Iqbal . Please be in touch if you need more information about this matter . I'll give you more name and address . One of my younger brother is running a school for disabled children . There are many factors for not getting help .They both giving their on earnings in to that and time , showing results . people trust them for money and their children . Trust is the main factor . Ask them how did they create it . wassalam . Thanks B2B to give me a chance for the deed of the day . I never knew about B2B before 15 minutes ago . Knew by a twitter friend , indirectly . keep it up , Admin.

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Areeb MajeedAreeb MajeedGreat Website

explorer B2B is the best site where I can blog.

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Daria BaginaDaria BaginaFresh new articles or re-posting

Hi, I would like to submit a couple of articles but I could not find if the articles we post here should be exclusive (like guest posts), or we can re-use the articles from our blogs, for example?

Jonathan GebauerJonathan Gebauer

Feel free to repost articles you have posted elsewhere.


Heloo there, I am new at your page, I have created my article succesfuly, I try to publish my article, I get this message, "Something went wrong Explore B2B".
I need your help please


Hello there, I am new at your page,
I read all your instructions to creat my article, I thank you, you made it clear and simple for the new comers,
But when I try to publish my article, I get this message "Something went wrong - Explore B2B".
Please, HELP!

Ryan RobinsonRyan Robinson

Go to your Dashboard and you will get the options to create a new article.

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