Technology & InternetHashtags On Facebook… Do They Work?


Do you use hashtags on Facebook? And are you seeing any results from their use?

When Facebook introduced hashtags in June, users welcomed the move. Many of them used hashtags anyway, so, for them, having the social site incorporate them was a step in the right direction. But have hashtags made any difference for brands on Facebook?

This is what a recent study by EdgeRank Checker tried to find out. The research I stumbled across this morning showed that hashtags are not helping brands gain any additional exposure when compared to their status updates containing no hashtags.

In fact, data compiled by researchers indicated the opposite trend. EdgeRank Checker looked at over 500 brand pages and examined engagement levels and viral reach of posts with and without hashtags. They noticed that, actually, engagement with posts containing hashtags was lower than those without.

However, this trend was valid on Facebook only. When the effect of hashtags was examined on Twitter, the results proved the exact opposite – posts containing hashtags were more likely to be retweeted. Retweeting on Twitter is identical to viral reach on Facebook, the company explained.

EdgeRank Checker´s theory on why hashtags don´t really work for brands on the biggest social site states that brands are just using them in the wrong way. Analyses of hashtag use reveal that most brands include hashtags in their marketing messages, which have a lower viral reach in general, since many users tend to avoid promotional messages. Instead, brands should first research the keywords associated with the content they provide on a particular social site. They should then build their strategy around the ones that have the highest activity, Search Engine Watch advised.

One thing is for sure: consumers like, share and come back to Facebook brand pages that produce high-quality, engaging content – hashtags or no hashtags. This content needs to be generated regularly in order to have any long-lasting effects. But writing this sort of relevant content can be time-consuming and more difficult than you may initially realise. That´s where we come in! M2 Bespoke are content generation specialists and can help with all your online content needs.Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.


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