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Content is king in social media. The theory is that you can show expertise, present your personality and connect to the right people, by publishing content in relation to your field of interest in different forms like videos, graphics and articles. Content Marketing includes the whole process of determining goals, finding the right topics, creating content, publishing, spreading content, connecting to people through the content and building relationships to thought leaders and potential customers.


Content marketing is growing and everybody starts writing articles, making videos, taking pictures and creating graphics. There is a lot of very informative, intelligent and creative content out there and not all of it gets the attention it deserves. You do sometimes wonder, why one piece of information gets viewed, spread and shared so much, while some content about the same subject, you might consider much better passes by fairly unnoticed.

If you want to take a step into content marketing, you want to make sure your content is the one that gets noticed. This is something people rarely speak about: how hard it is to get content really noticed. That means a lot more work than just creating and publishing outstanding content on the net – and you can be fairly sure all the people getting the most attention for their content have done exactly that: work hard on getting noticed.

When you defined your goals, created your content and chose an outlet where to publish your content – then the work really starts. Keep in mind, that however well done the SEO is and however well you keyword optimized your content: the fraction of visitors referred to your content via Google, will be exactly that: a fraction. You will want to attract many more readers than the ones searching for the keywords you might have had in mind, when creating the content. There are loads of possibilities to guide interested people to your content. The ones that you really can influence and build are mainly the ones related to social media.

1. Link your own content

When using content marketing, you will not just publish one piece of content. Probably your different pieces of content will roughly taken all relate to the same topic. So the first thing you should do, is interlinking your different pieces of content no matter where you publish them. Refer your readers of one interesting piece of content to at least one other piece of content, but make it naturally, the linking content has to fit the topic of your post.

2. Use your existing friends, follower and contacts

The easiest and most natural way of getting attention to your content is to push it through your existing social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Chances are good that someone you are already connected to is interested in the information you have to offer.

As you are probably going to offer more information in the same field of interest, you should also actively connect to people in this area of expertise. For one they usually post more information in the same field, which gives you more things to talk about than just your own content (and probably some ideas for future content). These people also have the followers you are interested in. Building a selected and targeted following helps you get much more attention for future content.

3. Use discussion forums

In addition to showing your content to your already established connections, you want to get new readers. Discussion forums like Groups in LinkedIn offer a great opportunity for that – if you get the initial interest in the groups to stay visible. This will probably not happen with all content in al groups, but you have a fair chance of getting attention in a fitting group. And once the discussion started, it will usually stay visible for a longer time and attract attention to the published link.

4. Question and Answer Sites

Look up some relating questions on question-and-answer-sites (i.e., and post an answer with a link to your post (that should relate to the question). You can even consider posing a related question yourself. Your answers should be thorough and show expertise, then you will get votes on your answer and you stay visible.

5. More Social Media

There are more social media sides than the ones most of us are already active in and have an established following. As some of these are not based on already existing connections but really aim for getting attention to good content, you should take them into account for spreading your content. If your content has a visual element, you should put it into Pinterest – and considering the impact Pinterest is experiencing right now, you can consider adding a visual aspect to all of your content, and create a board on your special interest topic. StumbleUpon virtually lets people stumble upon good content from their chosen field of interest. It is not so easy to figure out, what content and which topics get the most views on StumbleUpon, but they really offer some nice added visibility. There are more social media sites (i.e. digg, reddit) and even specialized networks in many industries, which you should consider having a look at. Which of these work best for you and your content, you will have to figure out for yourself and your own special situation.

The best results for the visibility of your content, you will achieve, if you play the different options to push the content together: consider posting a question on Quora on Facebook, or tweet a group discussion in LinkedIn.

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