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Trying to maintain a positive and favourable image in any public or corporate-facing environment has its challenges, so this is why public relation workers are a key part of the media machine. But what is they do, exactly?


Charged with the responsibility of promoting or maintaining goodwill and a favourable image towards an institution, association or individual, it's the job of a public relations worker (PR) to manage the flow of information between their clients and the public.

Their role in persuading people to hold a certain view about a topic or client is very much sought after across a wide range of industries, which means representatives must always be able to adapt.

There are many different types of this practice and if you're considering an investment in some representation for yourself, this will often be dependent on the nature of your business and the stage your product is at. Your product could be anything - from a ground-breaking invention for the engineering sector to your own face or personality.

Whatever you can sell to an audience can always be nurtured and enhanced by a little spin, though here are some of the more popular PR services that might be of interest...  

Celebrity PR

Celebrity representatives aim to generate positive press and heaps of exposure for their most famous clients. Most will act like a manager in some cases, monitoring their public image and booking appearances.  They also typically coordinate these types of events and make sure their client knows where they're going, at what time and who with.   Typical clients can include anyone with a reasonable level of fame, with actors, singers and athletes perhaps the most likely to require their services.       

Fashion PR

Fashion PR often refers to the publicity of fashion brands, designers or retailers. The representative's role is primarily to make friends in the fashion world - and lots of them. This is because fashion is a lot about placement, so getting the products in the right locations and on the right people counts for a lot.   A fashion PR worker may also be required to organise and manage guestlists for promotional events and write press releases, although some brands will have a dedicated department to take care of these areas.  

Legal PR

Representatives in the field of law can list family firms, property lawyers, barristers, solicitors, legal publishers and advocates in their list of clients.   These workers will aim to build and defend the reputations of legal clients across all media platforms, from print right the way to social media.   This side of the business is perhaps less about management and all clients are expected to come to the table with commercial goals. Law PR firms aim to achieve these targets through their own methods of brand building, with a view to growing market share or establishing leadership positions.  

Business PR

Finally, there's a specialist service for businesses or entrepreneurs. PR for business may include anything from speaking on the behalf of the company in newspapers to media communication.    The key to this industry really is timing. Messages will often coincide with the launch of a new product, service or any recent development the company feels like sharing. These messages must be delivered at the best possible time to ensure coverage is maximised, with attention also applied to ensuring consistency throughout. After all, their message could shape the public's perception of their client.


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