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Here are a few tips to make a connection with prospects on Twitter:


 Twitter is one of the favorite ways people interact with each other on the internet. Twitter, along with Facebook, has changed the way people communicate. With a mere tweet, you can build a loyal following and connect with prospects.

Here are a few tips to make a connection with prospects on Twitter:

Follow Those in your Industry

At first it may seem like it would be next-to-impossible to make a dent in the sphere of Twitter.

The key is to follow those that are leading the pack. If you are a real estate attorney in Harrisburg, PA you can look up lawyers and find the Twitter user that has the most followers and follow them. Now you can start writing informative tweets that will be noticed.

Offer Quality Content

Write tweets that will in some way benefit the prospects you are targeting. You can send tweets that are a mix of your personality and your business to create a deeper connection.

No one wants to be bombarded with tweets on special offers and discounts 24/7. It’s good to mix it up. One day you might tweet about a current event, the next something inspirational, then something business/industry related, etc. Keep it diverse and interesting.

 Think About how You can Add Value

Some twitter users talk about the cereal they ate for breakfast. That’s fine if you just want to tweet for the sake of tweeting.

But, if you’re on Twitter to generate business, then you must think about your customers. What things can you tweet about that will add value to your followers and the others in your industry? The more you offer information that will resolve an issue in someone else’s life, the more you will be sought-out for your services.

If you’re worried about how you can add value in 160 characters, you can use to shorten web addresses and track how many clicks you get. So if you have a blog post you want to share with your fellow twitter users, make a bitly link and see how many visits you receive.  

Make Sure your Profile is Working for You

Your profile lets others learn more about you and the services you offer. You can include your website on this page and include an in-text link in your bio box. You can send viewers to an opt-in page and your website from two different links! The more leads you have added to your opt-in page, the more warm leads you have that you can directly communicate with on Twitter and via email.

These tips will help you attract leads on Twitter, whether you are new to the social site or a seasoned user.


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