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When browsing online there are many sites to choose from, but the actual customer service can be average, unless you go towards a family business.


Independent stores have deserted our High Street itinerary, because the credit crunch has affected the way we shop.

We all want a good deal...the best price, even if it is already cheap. But, cheap doesn't and can't mean quality.

It is sure that quality has a price. The reason why shoppers are after a better offer, is because most products are nowadays (and sadly) manufactured cheaply in China or Thailand, where the cost of labour is really low.

Let's forget the High Street say some angry individuals, not willing to give their cash to corporations and chains, because of a rather important margin on all goods, even during the sale.

There has been a major change of attitude and mentality.

Some local and independent shops have created a kind of community around their business. Others have decided to close their shop front and open an online store, to limit the stock and the costs.

Potential customers can surf the net 24/7, to see which products are on offer and interact via e-mail or phone in case of an enquiry.

With Christmas approaching - yes, it is only September, but some stores such as Liberty have already crackers and cards available - parents are already scanning which toys options are available for their children.

With the technology being omnipresent, it is getting more difficult to respect the December budget. The demand is high. However, a few families are opting for something slightly more traditional and are taking the direction to educational and more down to earth articles such as construction games, jigsaw puzzles or diecast toys, because it will last and there won't be un upgrade within 6 months.

Toys and Interiors is a family business supplying all of the above.

The range of products is wide because it covers 2 main areas. On one hand, you could buy some lights for your living room but also an Orla Kiely bone china mug. On the other hand, the choice for children's gifts is immense too. Some "specialists" have predicted that Siku toy tractor will be the favourite over technology for Christmas 2013. These are only predictions, nothing is set in the stone.

...With over 75 suppliers in the UK and Europe we are also able to supply bulk orders so please give our Customer Service team a call...

This business is offering more than just shipping your order. It is also about getting the extra mile and giving what other digital stores may not provide. THIS is the major difference between paying for quality or being an order/receipt number in a queue.

The company's objectives are not only to get new customers but to keep the existing ones, because the reputation and feedback of their service have a value in order to distinguish themselves from the firms just interested in selling without personal customer service.

Most of us have experienced random call centres, where it is difficult to get a product replaced or exchanged and there is no room for a "sorry".

A stressful time which isn't acceptable - and this is certainly why small family businesses get more trade and loyal clients, because of that respectful and warm welcome when dealing with a request.

The size of the sign above the door as well as the colours and fonts mean anything. Unfortunately, too many are attracted by it, despite of the more than average service level.

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