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What is exploreB2B? exploreB2B is a self-publishing platform geared towards business professionals looking to share ideas, find partners/future collaborators and utilize international talent and resources.

Who can use exploreB2B? Anyone can view articles on exploreB2B, but the platform is geared towards business-to-business professionals who are involved in marketing, innovation, implementation and management. A registered account is required to post content and comment on articles.

How does it work? The exploreB2B platform allows users to share ideas by developing industry-specific content. Publishing content inspires brand awareness and industry authority. It also helps to build relevant, professional relationships.

Articles are the heart of exploreB2B and represent professional experience and interests. Communication surrounding individual articles allows users to network and collaborate on specific business goals.

Why do you use articles for communication? Using content as the base for connecting B2B professionals is an efficient way of presenting and sorting relevant information. exploreB2B creates a network around these articles.

Rather than relying on a resume to communicate expertise, articles allow the exploreB2B user to present in-depth knowledge and create the foundation for establishing thought leadership and company awareness. 

What makes exploreB2B different from other professional network platforms? exploreB2B is the first content-oriented business-to-business social platform for professionals that brings each user the content they need, rather than focusing on a resume.

exploreB2B’s ‘blog-like’ article structure, emphasis on long-term connections, and the ability to conduct actual business on the platform are key differentiators from any news aggregate/article-based site.

How much does it cost? The basic functions on exploreB2B are free. These include: publishing, searching and reading articles, discussing content, and connecting with other users.

The premium functions are free for the first 30 days and $11.95 per each additional month. By utilizing the premium functions, the user can view article statistics, analytics and impressions, make referrals or view who has read an article.

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