Technology & InternetExperts - why are they so important for B2B?

One big issue about content marketing is, to get an reputation as a thought leader and be an expert in relevant fields. Why is that so important? And how does social media help you there?



Experts - why do we need them?

Most companies need business partners, products or service providers once in a while - only very few businesses can cover all parts of the business processes on their own. When we do need help, advice, services or products, we all would like to work with the best or at least with an expert in his or her field. It is not easy to rely on someone else or an external company with a process or a task that is crucial to our own business. That is why we really want to find experts to connect to.

Who is an expert?

Actually everybody offering some special service should really be an expert in his or her field. The truth is, that not everybody running around telling you he is the best expert you can find, really is an expert. But a lot of people out there know what they are doing and really are experts in the area he or she has specialized in.

How to show expertise?

The most obvious way to show expertise is by doing a good job. If you do that, people will recommend you as an expert - that is how a personal network works. 

To show expertise outside of your own network is a bit more difficult, but it is really what content marketing is about. Instead of showing expertise by doing your job, you show your expertise by talking (or rather writing) about it. As in offline networking, keep in mind that no one will just believe you are an expert because you say so - rather give your expertise by telling important and interesting things and facts about your field of expertise: give how to tips, tell about projects you have done, write about challenges and how you dealt with them, and much more.

People reading these things you write about, will believe that you know what you are doing (if you are doing it right) and you have established yourself as an expert. More tips for stellar content and examples of people who get it right can be found in the White Paper  “The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers“.

How to find experts?

In business it is a common problem, that we need help in a field, that we do not know much about. Of course there is google, but to be honest, finding someone or a company on google just means they have done their SEO right. To find a real expert or gain insight if someone is an expert is much harder. 

In social media business people try to establish themselves as experts via content marketing - the problem in the well known and established networks is always the same: whom you connect to and who you notice is to a large extent due to chance. Searching for an expert in a certain field at a given time is fairly impossible.

This is one of the main reasons we need a specialized B2B content based network: here you can find the experts you are looking for when you need them. 

More Information on Content Marketing and building a reputation as an expert with social media can be found in our Whitepaper

 “The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers“

Download of the White Paper is for free and requires no registration!


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