Technology & InternetLike 'Sting' and 'The Police' in a triangular support

In the nineties there had been rumors that after leaving the endless strain, struggeling for success in UK, the Pop-band had stated in the US public media that they are already successful back home. Their first tour in America was fixed. 'The Police' returned as heroes to the POP scene in UK. This was the great start in Great Britain. Extraordinary music quality performance combined with a well designed triangular recommendation system shifted them onto their way of success.


When you are extremely good in your field but are working and living in an overcritical environment that only accepts what is already publicly recongized, to get out of this vicious circle you are bound to invent a triangular recommendation support system.

A highly inventive band of musicians of 'The Police', can hardly recommend the own product for greater engagements. This is a fundamental rule in economy, too. A firm for highly inventive products will gain the best recognition when there is a third party praising the virtues of the new item. This gives, both the product and the firm, the image of being successful already.

Of course this combination only works in together with excellent presentation in the public media, or scientific or specialist media alongside with the extraordinary special product.

The very sympathetic habit of recommending and introducing somebody new to some friends is typically English. It works all over the world. Being officially introduced suddenly the new firm and product seem well familiar.

Here come the social media into the game. The access is through someone who knows someone else.

Just build up an unusual reputation, matching well the authentic performance of the firm and the new product. The "audience" and the readers will feel attracted to it and soon they are well aquainted.

Social media seem to brake down barriers of strangeness. The atmosphere of familiarity skips the first step of getting acquainted. The customer accepts a new information, product, firm more easily.

The acknowledgment through traditional media is the final rating for the public image.

As far as I am concerned, by way through a third party, here in this case the social media, is the only way to get a solid and persistant good image and acquire reliable business relationsships.


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