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You are using content like articles, graphics, interviews etc. to get brand awareness for your company, establish yourself and your company a reputation as an expert, connect to thought leaders, find new business connections and get people interested in your work? People keep telling you, you need a blog to publish content about your work and get more visitors to your website? Maybe you already have a blog for your business? As many options you have with the content itself, as many options you have to get what you have to say about your company out into the open.


It is not only your own blog you can use for publishing content about your work or company. There are more possibilities to get the brand awareness you are looking for and as all of them have advantages and disadvantages, the most effective way usually is to intelligently combine different outlets and work out, what works best for your own special goals, content and situation.

To get a new blog noticed gets tougher. More and more companies try to get attention by regularly publishing good content on a company blog. Even though some people still tell you that good content is the sole key to success, the underlying truth is, that many people, many blogs with really good content, never get the attention they deserve. To really find your stage, you have to do more. The way to visibility and brand awareness for most of us, is not a simple one and if you crave more attention for your outstanding content, than you get with your blog, have a look at other options that bring additional attention to what you have to say.

Here are some suggestions and the basic facts about some outlets you could take into your content marketing efforts, some advantages and disadvantages of the outlets and how you can include the outlets into your content strategy.

Own or Company Blog: It is usually the first thing that comes to mind and is suggested by consultants, when you want to start using content marketing for your business. The advantage of an own blog is obvious: all your information, stories and expertise is directly connected to you or your company, everyone getting interested in your information can easily look for more information about you and your business. And you are free to decide, whatever you want to publish (be careful, that can be a two-edged sword).

The downside is, that you have to work for visibility of your content all by yourself: if you are not yet running a successful and well-frequented blog and have a significant following in social media, you will have to build up visibility first. As more and more content about almost every subject is published on the web, getting a blog visible and attract a readership for your valuable information is getting harder and harder. If you are willing to spend a lot of time on SEO, optimize your content for keywords and marketing your blog, you might in the end get the visibility for your content you are looking for – might.

But there are other publishing options that can even help your blog’s visibility and in the end add to your brand awareness:

Guest Posting: Posting on already established blogs is not only a great way of getting links to your homepage or blog in the author’s bio. You also get the chance to connect to the people running these blogs and get the attention of their already established audience. Do not forget your social media profiles (i.e. Twitter) in the author’s bio, to make it as easy as possible for people to connect to you. A large social media following also helps to spread the content you publish, be it on your own bog or a guest post.

Downside of guest blogging is, that usually you are forced to publish on different outlets, your content gets scattered around the web. This makes it really hard for people to get the full picture of your expertise, as they can not easily find all the content you have published.

News aggregate sites: These sites (i.e., usually make it easier to publish than a blog that allows guest posts. As with guest posting, you get an author’s bio where you can link to your own page and social media accounts. As these are more like platforms, they usually do not worry about duplicate content so much; you can even consider reusing some content you already used somewhere else, for instance feed your blog posts into the site. You should choose a news aggregate that corresponds to your own field of interest, in which case these outlets can give your content some fairly good initial visibility, as they bring an established readership.

There is not such a great downside on these platforms. You are dependent on the editorial team though, not as free with the content and the links as on your own blog – you have no guarantee of your posts getting published. Also these sites have so much content, that your post runs the chance of getting lost in the mass.

Content Marketing and Social Discovery Platforms: These platforms not only allow you to publish content. Quite similar to the news aggregate sites, they allow you to build a profile through your posts. You are much more free in the content you can post, as these platforms rely on their users recommendations and feedback to have an indicator which content is interesting and should be more prominent. You can use these platforms to repost content from your blog and link back or publish additional stuff. Also use the site to connect to people posting interesting content or looking for

The most famous example for a Social Discovery and Content publishing site is Youtube for videos. For written content the article based B2B platform exploreB2B is fairly new to the market. On exploreB2B you not only get a personal profile, you can also consider a company profile, where you can show the articles published by all employees of the company, giving you the chance of a thorough profile for your company, that exceeds that of only one employee. Your posts are not limited to knowledge and complete articles, also short questions or discussions are welcome. 

Even if your blog already has a fair amount of readers, you should consider to combine your content marketing efforts with other publishing options: you tap into a new readership and can connect to new people, build up your social media following, by being visible in new communities, get links and new readers to your blog.

Why should you be content with the visibility and brand awareness you have, when there is so much more to gain!


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