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Remember when you were young and used the letters of your name to create an acronym that described who you were? In the spirit of simplicity, here is a breakdown of one of the fundamental elements of B2B communication.


Without open communication, human connection dissolves; the repertoire with your B2B target audience is no different. What is necessary for any relationship to thrive? A healthy dialogue.

irectly contact your target audience and industry leaders. Whether through business fairs or networking events, through content marketing and social media outreach - direct interaction is key. 

I nitiate conversation. Lasting communication is a two-way street. Don't wait for your target audience and thought leaders within your industry to reach out to you. Be brave, and assert your leadership by making the first move. 

A ttain trust. Provide reliable information and be a source for knowledge. The sooner you prove you provide valuable insight, the sooner you will create a loyal, communicative audience.  

L everage your expertise. Especially in B2B communication, demonstrating you are an expert will differentiate you from key competitors, establish trust, and help define your professional niche. Without expertise, you are just another Joe Blow on Web 2.0. Show your audience you are an expert by providing relevant and applicable information. 

O ffer useful advice. Anyone can create a 'how to' list or comment on an article posted in social media. The question is: how does your offering provide tips, tricks and thoughtful analysis in an original and thought-provoking way? 

G uide your users and audience. Becoming a trusted source for information requires patience, energy and consistence. The dialogue that you invest in should be one that inspires mutual understanding. This is done by listening to the questions and conversations of your target group and responding to their needs with the knowledge you specialize in. 

U tilize various avenues. The more channels you are able to maintain a consistent dialogue, the stronger your overall audience communication will be. Do not limit yourself to just those that have the largest user base, visit smaller social media sites to interact with more specific groups and take advantage of offline opportunities to connect. 

ducate and entertain. Your conversations will flourish if they are both thoughtful and creative. Balance informative pieces with humility and keep an eye out for how to cleverly involve yourself in buzzing circles. Listen carefully to what your audience seeks and give them the honest and educated answers you, too, want in return. 

Now, go ahead and find your professional BFFs. 


ProfErin NelsonexploreB2B GmbHCommunication & Marketing Manager


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