Technology & InternetDebunking SEO: The Interview Series


"Increasingly, search is our mechanism for how we understand ourselves, our world, and our place within it."

- John Battelle (Founder, Federated Media Publishing) 

What is SEO? How has it changed? What do Google's updates mean for businesses, marketers, the average search engine user? What role does high quality content play within the context of SEO? How do social media platforms and online communities impact the death or success of SEO? 

These questions are being fired within competing professional circles. 

This interview series presses leaders in social media management, marketing, search engine development and more to explain and defend their various positions on the future of SEO.

See what these experts have to say - and participate in the discussions below each interview. Begin by reading the existing interviews below: 

Adam Torkildson, Viral Marketer and content marketing convert 

Lee Odden, CEO of Top Rank Marketing and optimization extraordinaire

Jonathan Gebauer, CEO of exploreB2B and algorithm mathematician 

Melissa Fach, SEO marketing strategist, owner of SEOaware and cat advocate  

Lisa Barone, Content Strategist and Twitter enthusiast  

Gisele Navarro Méndez, SEO Advisor and world traveler 

Note: Should you have more to say about SEO, online marketing, and other professional topics - you, too, can write an article on exploreB2B's publishing platform. 



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