Technology & InternetContent Marketing - What Kind of Content are we Talking about?

The list of possibilities for content you can use in content marketing is literally endless. As the success of content marketing strongly depends on the content you provide, use your imagination. Your content should stand out from the mass, provide something new and unique.


Successful content can come in many forms: articles, pictures, videos, graphics etc. However (or maybe that is the reason why) it can be tough to find a starting point for content marketing and great ideas for a continuing flow of good content.

To help with this problem, here are some ideas and suggestions for content, that we have come across in our social media activities and found inspiring:

  1. Share your success stories in a way that allows your readers to better understand relevant topics
  2. Compile how to-lists and instructions to show your expertise in the topic
  3. Create and discuss new angles and perspectives for things, your readers take for granted
  4. Share your own opinion about current events, that influence your industry
  5. Explain innovations and studies and their influence on your industry
  6. Discuss company updates from an unexpected perspective (i.e. give voice to interns, developers or technicians)
  7. Publish a white paper in a topic, that is closely related to your business
  8. Relate a story about some challenges you faced and how you overcame them
  9. Interview someone who can give your readers (and possible customers) some insight - use the questions to direct the content into your chosen direction and show with intelligent questions your knowledge on the topic
  10. Compile a list of thought leaders that has inspired and influenced you. Share links on content these persons have created and their profiles or blogs

More ideas for stellar content and information on Content Marketing you can find in our white paper “The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers”.


Susanna_gebauer_exploreb2bDr. Susanna GebauerexploreB2B GmbHGeschäftsführer, Gründer


John WhelanJohn WhelanThe problem with content marketing

Good article Susanna.

But, what has happened in the content marketing space is the same thing that has happened everywhere else in social media - we've been deluged with content. And, much of that content is very similar. 10 ways to do this, or 5 ways to do that, etc.

The other issue with bad content marketing is that so much of it involves navel gazing. I.e - look at me and how smart I am. It's just not credible.

In the b2b space, the very best content marketing should come from existing clients and customers. Get them telling the world how great you are and you'll win.

- JW

Dr. Susanna GebauerDr. Susanna Gebauer

Hi John, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

I do agree with the first part of your comment: there is so much repetition and similarity, we should all focus more on producing "unique" content.

But I disagree that customer recommendations and clients reports will solve the problem. When I look back at the content I read by the people I now regard as thought leaders, I would recommend or even work with: its not the recommendations by their clients. Its the advice they shared, the insights they provided me with.

I have seen too many false recommendations, been asked for too many recommendations by people I have never worked with, and know too many cases where a false testimony was given for the LinkedIn Resumee etc.

I want to really "see" the expertise of people and not be "told" about it.

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