Technology & InternetContent Marketing - So Hot but Really Nothing New

Content Marketing seems to be a real hype. With new possibilities in Social Media coming up and “content is king” being THE slogan for B2B marketers in the online world, people seem to totally forget, that we have been doing it all the time.


In B2B the big deals are made after a long decision process. You want to get to know the people first, before you go into business with them. Knowing this, you do not market your business but show your knowledge, you even spent a lot of money on meeting up with people, with whom you have never done any business yet. It is all about networking. 

To get more people into the close nit circle of business contact, from whom you potentially get new business oppoertunities, B2B companies spent money on content marketing (offline!):

  • employees and manager go to conferences and hold talks
  • companies have a stand at business fairs with brochures and info material
  • experts write articles in industry magazines
  • brands publish stories about product usage
  • ...

So why do we have to make such a big deal out of content marketing being transferred to online and social media? Should it not be natural to use the new outlets and new forms content can take for B2B contact and reputation building? Why are B2B companies having such a hard time getting success out of Social Media?



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