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When I first came across Dead Social - a network for those who have deceased to communicate with their loved ones in the afterlife - I was appalled.

Have we really become so consumed by social media that we feel the need to manage our accounts after we have died? Does sending messages from the grave somehow diminish our respect for the process of death? Does it disrupt the grieving process for those left behind? 

I was disturbed. Then I did what all marketers do and thought about how I would promote it. What does my knowledge of content marketing teach me about how to manage this company’s reputation?

The target group is fairly easy to define: people who foresee their death (whether real or perceived). What type of information and knowledge do these people wish to consume?

They’ll want to be exposed to approaches, theories, revelations, inquisitions and a flurry of thoughts on death, of course. But anyone who has lost a loved one also knows the tendency of those who have received a prognosis to focus on the beauty that still exists.

That's how I would run my content marketing campaign: sharing life’s graces and the appreciation that is unique among people who know they are going to die. Helping them relive their fondest memories, tackle issues that long ago seemed too large to face, and nourish the relationships that have defined their lives.

Dead Social plays with fire, running the risk of exploiting those about to die. Yet they tap into a reality that is hard to ignore: while death is something we all certainly face, none face it with certainty about what comes next. This network, in theory, helps bring security to the notion that your legacy has a chance to live on, that those who love you can still access your affection and humor after you die. 

Content marketers should be able to relate and provide value for their audience. The wishes of those who are dying should be no different. In fact, they should be even more eminent.

So cheers to the marketing team of Dead Social; may the dead network have a long and fulfilling life. 


ProfErin NelsonexploreB2B GmbHCommunication & Marketing Manager


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