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Don't regurgitate and recycle - be engaging, relevant and original


Content marketing is being propagated as a key driver in B2B circles. But the real task is to deliver content with substance. It sounds like an obvious point to make but judging by my inbox, it’s a valid one.

As the importance of content and inbound marketing is emphasised universally, it is equally important to précis and re-evaluate your activity and only communicate content when you really have something to say. It is all too easy to jump on the bandwagon and propel all sorts of useless information now under the guise of infotainment.

But the net result is, you fail to engage, you lose your prospects and customers and a negative spiral becomes a landslide of rejection. Exactly the opposite of what your content marketing was meant to achieve. Pushing content out there into the business domain for the sake of it is a no-go. Refinement, substance, care and direction has to be applied.

Much content becomes a sort of macrocosm of twitter. A whole compilation of hints, learning’s, key advice sound-bites and accumulation of ‘expert’ information is simply regurgitated in volume masked as worthwhile information provision.  It is ok to be inspired but it is wrong to directly adapt or recycle others writings or thoughts. Originality of thought and creativity prove to be the essential dynamics of content marketing. Providers may get away with it in the short term but it is a dangerous game to play and you will inevitably get found out, like a trickster or conman.

But it is difficult in a world of information density and technological multi-babble to be original and creative. Difficult, but not impossible. And we should always strive for better so do your best to make your content intelligent, articulate, erudite, insightful, engaging, informative, relevant – mmm, yes, it gets more and more challenging. However, that’s not a good reason to throw in the towel and resign yourself to producing disappointing or unfulfilling content matter.

But remember, content provision should ultimately help you generate sales for your business in most cases. It may have separate component objectives – like brand building or addressing a specific issue – but ultimately it all leads to the same end objective.

Content marketing can drive engagement through ensuring you reach and maintain a position of authority through your insightful submissions; it helps you increase exposure and achieve a credible platform for your business solutions or services which provide solutions; it will give you recognition through targeted and relevant exposure, enticing engagement with prospects and also reassuring existing clients and customers that they have made the right purchase decision.

So don’t blast out those communications materials for the sake of it and ensure that every time you are engaging with customers, prospects and internal staff alike. Then they just may contact you…


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