IndustrialsConsiderations and Installation Tips for Chimney Flue in Your Office

Installation of chimney flue in your house is one of the most significant projects for remodeling your house. Your chimney pipe should be capable of exhausting smoke as well as dangerous gases from the fire.

 The fire mostly burns in a controlled space like in a fireplace or a furnace. The fumes, smoke and the embers go up to your chimney pipe and pass to the exterior surface of your house.

Let’s check out the considerations and the installation tips for chimney flue in your house:


The two main types of residential chimney flues include fireplace and freestanding flues. The fireplace smokestack is mostly constructed as a part of your overall house construction. However you can add one later on. The typical flue of the fireplace includes a brick shell lined with the clay tiles. The clay tiles help to keep the soot, smoke, fumes and embers within your smokestack. Moreover they prevent them from leaking through the brick into your living space.

In due course of time the flue liners in old houses weaken and fail to perform effectively. Sometimes the sizes of the liners are also too large for modern appliances. As a result you must be wondering about the right solution to the problem? A useful solution will be to re-line your chimney with a new metal pipe or a pour-in-place flue liner. One more choice is re-lining the chimney with clay tiles. However it is a costly option.

A freestanding chimney flue helps you to emit smoke, toxic gases and fumes properly from a stand-alone fireplace or a furnace. This type of chimney is available in the pipes of stainless steel at 6, 7 or 8 inches diameter. You can visit your local building department to get the codes for chimney flue installation. You are required to have a permit for your project.

Installation Tips

If you are staying in an old house and planning to make use of your existing chimney, you should be aware of the fact that most new appliances have the requirement for smaller dimension flues. It is simply because if your chimney flue is of smaller dimension it will be efficient in its operation. You have to read the guidelines of the product maker thoroughly and follow the codes of the local building to know the specifications of chimney pipe. You may also have to add new technology or features to your old chimney. You can retrofit the flue with the help of a stainless steel liner. 

You can get flue liners made up of stainless steel in flexible or rigid stainless steel pipes. You can assemble the pipes in sections and lower down your chimney. Make use of flexible pipes for turns and rigid pipes for straight runs. Furthermore you can install a poured-in liner.

While running your flue pipe for freestanding appliance, you have to make sure of the fact that the run is as straight as possible. You have to fix the pipe between 2 roof rafters. While you cut the openings, you have to make them no less than 2 inches wider than the diameter of your pipe.

You should also install the pipe supports for maintaining the required clearance around your pipe. You can make use of stocks matching the dimensions of the rafters. In addition you have to build a frame around the opening. You have to build a ceiling bucket or a fire stop at the opening where your chimney pipe will pass through a ceiling. However, this is not required if your pipe exists through the sheathing of your roof. Remember that your chimney pipe should be at least 3 feet over the surface of your roof. The pipe should be at least 2 feet higher than other parts of the roof.

These are the significant considerations and installation tips for residential chimney flue. You can follow them while installing chimney in your house. Nevertheless if you are confused, you can always be free to appoint the best Chimney Sweep Eastbourne for solving your flue problems.

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