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There is a conflict in social media for B2B businesses as PEOPLE use social media and COMPANIES want to build a reputation. In many networks you will find people you connect to, who give you valuable insights, Information, answer questions and help if you need them. Have you ever thought about what company they work for?


 This is usually a secondary issue, if you think a person worth following, that has not much to do with the company he or she works for. Social Media is personal – without personality usually you do not connect or at least the connection is much weaker.

Of course you follow companies, you listen to them talking – but you connect to people. Also most companies do (not yet) really choose the best way in social media. Company pages often are very impersonal, dry and promotional. Usually the people working in a company are not thoroughly included in their social media strategy.

Companies stand before a not so simple problem. Of course they can use social media. And if they have a good social media manager, they will have people connecting. But the reputation a company builds in social media is closely related to the people. Personal relationships are much stronger than those to companies.

In B2B social media successful people build a reputation as an expert with content they publish. That goes for people as well as for companies. Especially in B2B the content adds to the reputation as an expert.

But to be honest – a company expertise is only as good as the expertise of their employees, the reputation of a company is therefore closely related to the reputation of their people. Some companies do not want their employees to speak for the company, they have the strategy of one voice. Usually they name a social media manager or some PR people, who do the social media activities. But who who we all are really looking for in B2B social media, are the people experts, who can solve our problems and answer our questions. With these people we will connect, and if we have a deal to make, these experts will in the end make the deal!

So basically, to leave your experts out of your social media equation is not the right thing to do for a comapny or business, as they are the ones on whose expertise your company expertise is built. The biggest success in social media will in the end be with the companies who include the experts (their Employees) into the content marketing strategy and let them paint the full picture of the expertise of the company including the personality it takes to have success in social media.

You have no idea how to do that? Maybe it is worth to have a look at the company profiles on exploreB2B. Here every employee of a company can publish articles, which contribute not only to the personal profile of the employee but also to the expert profile of the complete company. This is a unique approach to B2B social media you can only find on exploreB2B as exploreB2B is one of the very few social platforms, that where built with B2B Social media and the special needs of B2B in mind.

You can find an example of a company profile with multiple expert-employees here.

See the White Paper, “The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers” for more information about Content Marketing.


Susanna_gebauer_exploreb2bDr. Susanna GebauerexploreB2B GmbHGeschäftsführer, Gründer


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Good sunday to all and agreat weak to, I agree totaly with this artichle Dr . Susanna Gebauer.
Thank you

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