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The proliferation of digital media platforms has given us all the power to become broadcasters and – be warned – it’s addictive. Reaching potentially millions of viewers in an instant is heady stuff and, certainly from a business perspective, should only be carried out within the framework of a planned media strategy.


Every piece of media coverage about an organisation paints a picture of its personality, culture and values; and so a brand is built. Protecting, nurturing and strengthening brand reputation is critical for a company’s long term survival.

Yet all too often companies will only think to close the stable door after the horse has bolted. Media contact – particularly digital media contact – is frequently left in the hands of a relatively junior marketing executive who is unclear on corporate policy and unversed in key messages. It may not be until crisis hits that the importance of professionally trained media spokespeople becomes apparent.

Speak in soundbites

Becoming a media-friendly organisation is more essential than ever in our broadcast-happy culture, where digital generation viewers tend to snack on mini info-bites. A recent survey[i] has shown that CEOs who tweet are held in high regard, with 86 percent of respondents rating CEO social engagement as important for building trust, bolstering external communications and, critically, improving brand image. 

So, where to start?

As a taster, download our free whitepaper to find out how to:

  • put a corporate media policy in place
  • get your message across in an interview
  • avoid tricky questions
  • perform in front of the camera
  • maximise media coverage at a tradeshow
  • turn every contact with the media to your advantage.


[i] Brandfog: CEO, Social Media and Leadership Survey, March 2012




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