Technology & InternetChampion Your Expertise: Are You Really Inspiring Trust?

Tagging yourself as an 'Expert' does not make you one. Ask yourself if you are creating an environment where your target audience believes your knowledge and has come to rely on your expertise.


A Thumbs Up Does Not Mean Business 

Business partnerships, cooperation and lasting relationships strongly depend on trust – especially in B2B. This trust is not built in a day nor articulated in the form of a ‘thumbs up’ (whether real or virtual). Real trust in business is based on recommendations, examples, case studies, and shared knowledge; it is established over a longer period of time.

In offline business interaction, we build trust with our B2B networks by demonstrating knowledge and expertise in social settings (conferences, luncheons, meetings, etc.). In social media, the concept follows the same general principle: be helpful, reliable, engaging – and others with begin to trust what you have to say.

Did You Hear What That Guy Said? 

When you provide insightful content to the right audience, relevant people begin to listen. With time and diligence, this exchange has the potential to deem you an expert.

We’ve said it before: in order for people to trust your expertise, they have to believe that you and your content are reliable. In online marketing and social media engagement, this relationship between brand authority and expertise persists. In fact, it is a cornerstone of a successful B2B content strategy.

Your Content Has Nothing On My Content 

In content marketing, this ability to communicate expertise is twofold (stay with me). You must convince your audience that you:

1. Have the authority to write about your chosen topics – which relate, in turn, to your company.

2. That your content is more meaningful and useful than any other content on the market.

Keep in mind that information is no longer solely based on merit. In the social media landscape, the method by which you choose to communicate your knowledge is also a decisive factor in how influential you will become. 

The below articles further explore what it means to establish expertise in ways that make your desired audience want to listen and believe your tag. 

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