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When I first applied for my current job at exploreB2B, I had to look up what the acronym “B2B” stood for. 

“Business-to-business? Is that really it?” As my research deepended (my application was accepted) and I dove head first into the world of B2B, I quickly realized how the concept of businesses doing business with other businesses was everywhere.

B2B is not just a specialized transaction that takes place in the traditional world of buying and selling between businesses. The nature of B2B is one of openness, trust, collaboration and communication. The often large, longterm and lucrative engagements that are standard between businesses rely on mutual desires and a secure sense of loyalty. While companies are indeed doing business with other professional organizations, there are people at the heart of these interactions.

So why participate in Berlin’s celebration of B2B with Lutz Villalba and his Berlin for Business (B4B) initiative? Why collaborate with local entrepreneurs and business owners who also have a shared sense of what it means to be B2B?

Today’s social media landscape promotes an endless amount of opportunity to connect to potential partners and clients in B2B. It has been through these channels that we have evolved to target our marketing and business development methods to engage with our audience. We discuss rather than promote, we educate instead of preach, and we have replaced dry materials with thought-provoking entertainment.

B2B interaction has always been there to facilitate economic growth – employing progressive intellectuals and tech masterminds who are under the guidance of entrepreneurs who wish to disrupt the current state of how we do business – creating frameworks and modules that make us better at our jobs and more efficient in our day-to-day lives.

Social media amplifies this potential for technological, psychological, cultural and economic disruption. But what we must not forget – as we connect to like-minded people around the world through our social media accounts, plug-ins and mobile apps –  is the importance of our local community. 

It was no coincidence that Silicon Valley from the late 90′s until today has produced some of the most game-changing products our world has known – at the same time and from (more or less) the same place. Many infamous brands ignited in close proximity – each a hodgepodge of geniuses who would intermingle and collaborate, sharing diverse talents within a local community breathing the same invigorating air.

It is rare that this kind of innovative magic can happen within a local community, especially with the growing paradox of social introversion that online networks promote. It takes people of divergent, but cohesive talents coming together. It takes an environment that encourages risk-taking, rewards outliers, and praises the kind of radical thinking many are afraid to murmur out loud.

Berlin hosts this kind of creative infrastructure. But in order to maximize the type of infectious creativity this city promotes, we have to come together – both digitally and face-to-face. We have to challenge and support one another, utilize each others tools and services, feed off our magnifying energy.

We B2Bs have to do this, and we have to do it now, while the melting pot that is Berlin is still hot. Join Lutz and the rest of us in Berlin 4 Business for our February Kick-Off Event – and let’s give Silicon Valley a run for its money.

(Kick-Off Date: TBA)


This article was originally publish on the Berlin 4 Business blog.  


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