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Expertise, branding and publication. Why these elements are essential in B2B.


Hop on board 

Many companies and B2B professionals have come to understand why it is critical to establish a reputation and expertise in B2B social business. Let us then shift the question to, “How is this done?”

Branding your company or personal expertise means sharing knowledge in a way that is both easy to be found and enjoyable to be consumed.

Hey, I remember you 

Branding is the means by which you succeed in setting yourself apart from competitors and like-minded, industry leaders. In B2B, this awareness is achieved by continually sharing intellectual, personal and moral experience on behalf of your professional brand to benefit your target audience. 

In web 2.0, content appears in the form of eBooks, whitepapers, articles, infographics, videos, tutorials, diagrams, cartoons, slide shows - and more. While the possibilities for types of content - and ways you choose to distribute them - are diverse, there is a common thread amongst the final, polished projects.

They are published and shared. 

Now's not the time to be shy  

The quality of the content itself should do the convincing – but publication allows for the kind of sharing that is necessary to have a powerful branding effect. Documents locked in Word, PowerPoint and iMovie - or physical pamphlets reserved for conferences - do little to achieve brand awareness and virality in our social world.

Have a glass of self-publishing with that content   

Fortunately for us, flooded social networks and viral communication have made publication easy. While the arena is crowded, the silver lining is that  “publishing” no longer carries the official and intimidating connotation it once held. Publication means allowing online communities to have access to your hard work and creative ventures.

Below, the articles elaborate on the relationship between expertise, branding and publication – and how this online relationship has inspired content marketing campaigns of all kinds. If you're not already convinced, the links should help show you why pushing the “publish” button (being your own publisher!) is the best thing since the pairing of milk and cookies.

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