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How strong copywriting confirmed my daily, content marketing affirmations. (And gave me one, fat professional hug.)


Strong copywriting is the cornerstone of any successful content marketing strategy. As leaders in content marketing and copywriting emerge, the message for how people consume information is heard. Thought leaders, such as Chris Horton, bring light to the reality that: “No company is immune to this online evolution. In order to compete, brands will have to adjust their marketing efforts to the new realities of our content-driven era.”

We content marketers spend countless hours reading and writing articles about the potential benefits of content marketing. Often, we throw in statistics. But does anyone know what our consumers and clients do with this ‘intelligent’ information? What does it look like when our well-researched, useful and entertaining material comes to life?

Here’s what it looked like for me:

It was any normal morning that I was cruising through my Twitter list of content marketers when I found a link that took me to Copyblogger. This eventually led me to the article, '15 Copywriting and Content Marketing Blogs that Will Make You More Money.' Naturally, I clicked. (And re-tweeted and Facebook’d.)

I spent a large part of the morning reading through these blogs, scanning for new stats and authors’ opinions and findings. I had been exposed to most of these people and visited quite a few of their blogs before, but since the data was coming from a source I trusted (Copyblogger), I stayed longer on each site. I took time to listen to these cited leaders.

I spent the most amount of time on Seth Gordin’s The Domino Project and Jeff Sexton’s Jeff Sexton Writes, and was surprised to find that they were talking about the exact same thing. Both were promoting the new book by Steven Pressfield, Turning Pro. Seth used his celebrity to endorse the book; Jeff cited an excerpt and used humor to connect with all of those writers (and professionals) who have run up against the ‘where the f*** do I go from here’ point in their careers (a theme in Pressfield’s new book). I took note. 

I opened a new tab and went to Amazon in search of Turning Pro. I sent an email to my mother with the book link, telling her that I was planning to purchase this book for myself, as well as a copy for my brother - who is also an aspiring writer (would she please keep an eye out in the mail?). 

I wrote an email to Jeff thanking him for the article and asking if I could interview him to get more details on his copywriting ventures and technique (he gratefully obliged). I went back to Twitter, added Jeff, Seth and a handful of the other authors to my content marketing list so I could continue to follow them.

I’d call that one heck of a morning.

The sum of my perusing included building on my Twitter list, becoming familiar with authors and bloggers in my exact line of work, making contact with thought leaders, and gathering material for my own content production. I ordered myself (and brother) a new book and passed the message along to my email-happy mom. All from one article.

The high-quality content I was exposed to on Copyblogger not only reaffirmed my trust in their expertise - it led me to a community of experts talking about the same, newsworthy topics. It enhanced my professional know-how and inspired ideas for my own content creation. The content marketing effort of one source enhanced the value of content marketing for an entire community.

Content marketing about the subject of content marketing, for a content marketer, is – indeed, an exaggerated example of the positive effects of content marketing. By the message remains the same.

Regardless of the industry for and about which you are content marketing, exemplary content will provide a real and tangible benefit for your audience. It will inspire them to share your material, endorse your expertise, and return to you again and again. 


ProfErin NelsonexploreB2B GmbHCommunication & Marketing Manager


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